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View of the Week: Ralph Lauren’s New Polo Watches Provide Bold, Preppy Style to Your Wrist

Since 2008, when Ralph Lauren Timepieces and Fine Jewelry launched, the brand offers released many high-quality, stylish timepieces in addition to its popular apparel. That trend continues with the company’s latest collection: a set of four Polo-branded watches powered by Swiss-made mechanised movements and dressed in several eye-catching colors. If you’re keen on the brand’s iconic take on menswear, you won’t wish to miss these.

Polo Watch - Green
Courtesy Ralph Lauren

“When taking into consideration Americana style, no brand name is more top of brain than Polo Ralph Lauren, ” says Men’s Journal Fashion Editor Kevin Breen. “With the drop of its second watch collection, the brand offers a new slew of collectable timepieces that will fuses its iconic logo with its heritage sport-prep colorways. ”


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Polo Watch - Green on silk & calf
Courtesy Ralph Lauren

The new Polo watches—a followup to the first Polo timepiece collection from 2018—marry Rob Lauren’s bold, preppy design with Swiss watchmaking tradition. The first thing you’ll notice info are the dials. Each one comes stamped with Ralph Lauren’s polo player logo delivered to life in a multicolor, 3D-printed image, and it makes a clear focal point on the face of every watch. The polo gamer first appeared as a stitched logo on Polo shirts in 1972, but the colorful object rendering on these timepieces brings about a whole new level of detail. We love the way it adds visual interest to the selection.

Polo Watch - Blue on Steel bracelet
Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Although a polo player riding across the dial may appear a bit overbearing, the attractive accents on the rest of the watches balance the logo very well. Their 42mm stainless steel cases come with an exhibition caseback that shows off the inner operation of the automatic movement—a good counterpoint to the colorful information on the front. In addition , simple luminescent indices and sword-shaped hour and minute hands associated with watches easy to read and keep them from looking too hectic.


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Polo Watch - Blue on calf
Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Picky about what goes on your wrist? Luckily, you have plenty of options right here, and that makes the Polo timepieces great for merging into a daring wardrobe or adding color if you usually opt for neutral tones. The dials are available in green, navy blue, and dark (available with stainless steel or even matte black trim), every topped with curved sapphire crystal glass. Once you select a dial color, there are a prosperity of straps and bracelets to choose from, including polished or even black sandblasted stainless steel plus cotton and leather band with designs inspired simply by Ralph Lauren apparel. The particular straps really let you tweak the look and feel of such watches, whether you’re looking for something refined or some thing a little more sporty.

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Polo Watch - Blue Nato
Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Of course , any view with the “Swiss-made” moniker attached with it should have some impressive equipment inside, and the Polo timepieces don’t disappoint there, either. No matter how you option your own timepiece, you’ll get a good quality RL200 automatic movement that offers a 38-hour power reserve. The watches are also water resistant to around 100 meters—enough to survive the occasional splash, so you can feel great about showing yours off day-to-day.

Polo Watch - Black on Steel Bracelet
Courtesy Rob Lauren

The new Polo selection shows that Ralph Lauren’s preppy styling can work well in the realm of fine mechanised timepieces. From the striking colours to the polo player logo, there’s no mistaking exactly who designed these watches.

[From $1,650-$2,150; ]

Polo Watch - Black on calf
Courtesy Ralph Lauren
Polo Watch - Black on Black Steel Bracelet
Polo Watch - Black on Black Nato
Courtesy Ralph Lauren

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