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View of the Week: Breitling’s Chronomat Celebrates the Legacy associated with Mechanical Watches

Chronomat B01 42 with a black dial and silver contrasting chronograph counters

In the 1970s and 1980s, things weren’t searching so great for the tried-and-true mechanical watch. Compact, highly accurate quartz watches had flooded the market , and more and more people were having a pass on the intricate workmanship of mechanical watches plus opting for battery-powered options. But Swiss watchmaker Breitling wasn’t content to let the mechanical watch fall by the wayside. In order to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 1984, the brand launched the Chronomat, the mechanical watch that exhibited a strong commitment to spring-powered watches, and it soon became an icon. Now the particular watchmaker has released the particular Chronomat B01 42 , and it sources everything we love in regards to the original: It’s highly practical, offers refined styling, plus brings some interesting background to your wrist.

Chronomat B01 42

The Chronomat name actually goes back even further than 1984. According to a press release, Breitling first attached the tag to some of its watches in the 1940s, and the word was a portmanteau of “chronograph with regard to mathematics” (this was a long time before the Casio calculator watch appeared). The 1984 Chronomat recycled the name, but this time it referred to the watch’s self-winding, or automatic, movement—a notable departure from the quartz watches that were so typical at the time.

“It was the watch that strongly proclaimed Breitling was remaining absolutely true to its root base, ” Breitling CEO Georges Kern said in a statement.

The 1984 Chronomat took design cues from a timepiece Breitling acquired previously created to honor the Frecce Tricolori, the aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Air Force. With its tachymeter for calculating speed and it is rotating bezel, it quickly became popular with aviators, as well as Formula 1 drivers plus boaters.


Nowadays Chronomat comes in a dizzying number of versions to suit anyone, but all stay true to the design heritage of the ‘80s original—or “modern-retro, ” because Breitling describes it. The particular watch features a 42-millimeter metal case with an integrated Rouleaux bracelet for a sleek look on the wrist (there’s also a rubber bracelet available for the sportier feel). Like the authentic, the Chronomat B01 forty two comes with a rotating unidirectional bezel with rider tabs. Even though a small detail at first glance, the particular tabs serve an important purpose: They protect the timepiece’s sapphire glass, and the dividers at three o’clock and nine o’clock are compatible, which allows you to utilize “count down” or “count up” functions.

Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Bentley Edition
Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Bentley Version Breitling

We also enjoy that the Chronomat comes in such a wide range of finishes, which makes it probable to nab an unique timepiece that also fits well with your wardrobe. For example , you are able to opt for a silver, copper, or blue dial with black contrasting chronograph counters, or perhaps a black dial with metallic contrasting chronograph counters. Additionally, there are several options with stunning red gold accents, plus two eye-catching special editions: a Bentley edition honoring the famed British carmaker and a limited edition (only 250 available) praising the Frecce Tricolori .

Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Frecce Tricolori Limited Edition
Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Frecce Tricolori Limited Edition Breitling

No matter which you choose, you will get a very well-designed watch. Breitling’s Manufacture Caliber 01 movement powers every Chronomat, and each timepiece boasts a 70-hour power reserve. Plus, they’re water resistant to 200 metres, which makes them more than looking forward to the rigors of daily wear.

Over three decades after the “quartz trend, ” we’re happy to note that mechanical watches—especially the Chronomat—are still going strong.

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