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This particular Watch Owner Literally Hit the Floor When He Discovered the Real Worth of His Rolex

It’s a moment any watch owner would dream of getting: You’re on Antiques Roadshow with a Rolex Oyster Cosmograph watch you bought in mid 1970s for $345. 97, waiting for the appraiser to let you know how much it’s worth. You’re hoping for a little bit of extra worth; wouldn’t it be great to see that it’s at this point worth 20 times just as much? Maybe even 50 instances? How about over 1, 000 times as much?

Paul Newman Daytona watch

Paul Newman’s Badass ‘Daytona’ Rolex Just Became probably the most Valuable Watch of All…

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That’s exactly what one former Air Force member found himself dealing with when Collectibles Roadshow appraiser Peter Planes told him how much his old watch was worth during a quit on the show’s tour in Bonanzaville, which is located in West Fargo, N. D, based on The particular Washington Post .


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Planes says how the watch resembles the now-iconic one that John Newman put on, and that those watches are usually “going for $150, 500 to $200, 000. Your own watch is more special: It says Oyster on it. They did that for an extremely short period of time… This specific model marked Oyster is incredibly rare. A watch like this at auction is worth about $400, 000 dollars. ”

When Planes mentioned the words $400, 000 dollars, all the man could do was fall to the flooring. Watch the video here:

That wasn’t the end of it either: It turns out that his watch could fetch even more compared to what it’s worth with auction—so long as he does not wear it.

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona Just Got Auctioned Away For Almost $18 Million

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A term to the wise out there: Once you buy your next watch or Rolex timepiece, make sure you keep in good shape, you never know how a lot it’ll be worth someday.