Introduction. MAGICAR MA is a safety device with highest level of security. Thanks to a 2-way remote with pager you will be immediately informed about. I’m about to install a Magicar RF2W alarm and the manual is in Korean. I think I should be able to get most of it by the pictures but does anyone. The model name, RF2WN, stands for 2 Way FM 4 Button Remote. MAGICAR COLOR LCD. The remote-pager comes with Magicar which is a unique color LCD.

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In addition, the vehicle will automatically unlock the doors upon pulling the key outfromtheignition. So in the case of Manual Transmission Vehicle, the system can not beentered to reservation mode in this 4minutes and 20 seconds period. Report Item Product Details. The duration of the Aux output should be vary depending on the equipments that these outputs operate.

We, Youngshin Electronics Co. Auto icon is turned off. The siren chirps and the parking lights flash once to confirm the lock magicwr arming. And this left gas will be refrigerated at winter, so you have to shut off gas valve switch like mgicar The car parking lights will flash once to confirm that the transmitter magicxr been programmed. Signal Lights will flash once to confirm the programming.


Valet Mode is very useful when washing your vehicle or having it serviced. If the red LED confirms a correct number, continue entering the other 3 numbers. The engine will shut off upon the left over gas has been completely burnt.

Indicates if you are in Valet Mode. EC21 in Korean Chinese. This vibration is detected and your remote-pager will ring four times and a telephone icon will appear on the LCD indicating that someone is paging you from your vehicle.

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When set to Auto rfw2n, your security system will arm automatically after all the car doors are closed, your remote is away from the vehicle by more than 50 to ft and 15 seconds have passed since the last Auto Disarm.

During that procedure, if the button II is pressed more than 2 seconds, the engine will be stopped and the Reservation Mode will be cancelled at the same time. It will be dangerous to use the system if the door pin switch maicar not in good Working order. Vibrator on or off, beep sound for confirmation. S — one beep every 6 seconds. Remainder of the battery power. You may reserve the remote starting time by 1 setting up the starting time and 2 turning on Timer icon.

Keyless Entry with R. Within a 10 second period after cycling the ignition for the 5th time, press button I. You may continue for motion option.

magicar RF2W wiring diagram

Indicates that your car siren is turned on or off when you lock or unlock the vehicle. You may be changed for repair if the damage is resulted from the Act of God, abuse or improper care of the product.

We are not responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from your failure to comply with the above requiremnts. Passive locking means the door will lock when the system is passively armed. Youngshin shall not be responsible for any Damages or consequences resulting from failure to choose the manual Transmission mode for these vehicles. Do not crank the starter while the vehicle is running. Your system will disarm automatically if your remote comes within 50 to ft radius from the vehicle.


About 5days Minimum Order: There are four different types of outputs Consult your installer that are used to operate a sunroof, a mirror or any other auto accessories. PressedFor 9 At 22 3 Starter-Kill Function In alarm mode, the starter kill function is activated. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from your failure to comply with the above requirements.

After that, the keyless function will not be available for the next 24 hours or until you unlock the door with the remote whichever comes first.

Magicar M902F User Manual

The purpose of Reservation Mode is to leave the transmission gear in the neutral position when you leave your vehicle. Please make sure your remote has the serial number. Free Member Registration Date: Each time the green LED will flash once. These Aux outputs are mA outputs.

If the red LED flashes a wrong number, go back to the step 1. Indicates that Shock sensor is turned on or off.

Indicates rf2nw your car parking lights are flashing. Canceling Reservation Mode Insert your key in the ignition and turn the key to On position within 20 second after you open the door of vehicle. Please make sure your remote has the serial number.

Auto icon flashes rf2wh for longer range. You may try up to 5 times within 30 minutes. Then, wait to confirm by counting the number of flash of the red LED. Indicates if Vilarator is on or off. The red LED will flash rapidly.

Turn on Time icon.