Mit „Lexware kassenbuch“ arbeiten Sie in jedem Alle weiteren Vorteile von „ Lexware kassenbuch“: Kontenrahmen sind hinterlegt (SKR 03, SKR 04, Ärzte. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Kapitalgesellschaften – Barthel. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Einzelunternehmen – Barthel.

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That was suggested and accounted for with a floorplan by that company from the beginning – I had no idea and less German to sort that out those days ;- What I suggested was setting the second flat off as teaching room expenses in the interim probably not allowable in this case? Its appearing to be an uphill battle given the lack of English language accounting software that will suffice in Germany!

Suchen Sie auch nach einem einfachen Kassenbuch-Programm? Anyone currently using a software package they’d recommend? Homebank is a lot simpler but still has some nice features.

I found the following thread but it’s rather inconclusive and a bit dated. Basically, I mean 1 deals in Euros, 2 is set up to handle VAT and other taxes quarterly payments, etc3 deals with mileage, home office, and depreciation according to German tax laws, and akr can print out properly-formatted invoices. Thank you for reading this ream and for any help you could give! I’d be seriously pissed of if he called any of my clients to ask where such or such work had taken place.


Accounting software for freelance English teachers?

Digitale Ein- und Ausgangsrechnungen z. Spalten aller Listen anpassbar … Ob Kassenbuch oder Primanota: Schritt 1 von 2. Thank you again for your referenced information – I love it! Minimises the work involved and the amount I have to pay him.

Accounting software for freelance English teachers?

Has anyone used UK software in Germany and is there any glaring issue with doing so? I too am in the same boat and hopelessly lost. They hand in their shoebox full of unsorted receipts and then drop off the face of the earth. The general ledger scheme is different as well. There is not enough demand to make it worthwhile for anyone to have software properly translated and localised into English.

If not, have a look at the cloud solution Exact Online. PandaMunich – the tip aboout the software is appreciated! No, each country has different VAT declaration forms. I do believe that Steuerbearters do valuable work, and ours has done their work for us well, even though freieberufler are not their target clients.

Its only because I don’t have a nice little account system for my self, and also because I may have to do it all alone from this year, that I want a sofware.

Es wurde keine Strafanzeige gegen Unbekannt erstellt oder verantwortliches Personal abgemahnt Negativer Kassenbestand. I’m hoping that I can continue to use it in Germany, especially based on the above comments that I’ve got no chance of finding German centric accounting software that has an English language interface. Hi all, Can anyone direct me to a relatively inexpensive software package for keeping track of invoicing and expenses for a freelance English teacher? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


A home office is only deductible if you have no other workplace at all. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Register a new account. We already have a home office in the main residence for both of us as Freiberufler. All the standard German accounting software packages use the Datev Kontenrahmen, see here.

Anyway long story short, please could someone help me find – a dead easy to use bookkeeping software in English that I lexwsre manage on my own? I use Jes, which is free, but only in German.

SKR 03 Englisch

If you want to actually do bookkeeping, you need a bookkeeping software that exports your bookkeeping into the format your Steuerberater uses, which most times means the DATEV format. Sign up for a new account in our community. It was also the same tax employee who wanted to put my second flat as just an office not a home kontenrahjenlike somewhere clients could come for first consultations etc – not me.