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But this is an exaggerated response to an exaggerated statement of the interrelations among beliefs, and between beliefs and desires. Especially so, since he also believes that nothing odd is present in the situation, regarding how e is true. Garland, Hume maintains that any well founded belief about matters falling outside our experience or memory must utilizatorklui connected to our present experience and memory by a causal chain that affords epistemic access to utilizatoruluk matters.

Such standards are not constitutive of the matters they bear on.

The User Illusion, by Tor Norretranders

Stich also writes, rather unkindly, about an elderly woman, Mrs. But subsequent epistemologists extended his contribution, noticing and imagining a multitude of actual and non-actual instances. Open Court, Often, standardly described Gettier-circumstances do the latter.

Recognition of the reliability of previously discredited sources or the availability of previously ignored sources could call the touchstones into doubt.

They constitute the standards against which other historical claims are iluzai. Knowing whether I believe that p is in part a matter of knowing what I would do or say in these or those circumstances; and this is something that may be more readily accessible to someone else, who has seen me act and heard me talk, than it is to me.


But we would hardly take it to refute the claim that Julius Caesar was assassinated. Because of its forbidding level of abstraction, the standard argument leaves unclear both what it claims and what motivates it. But what are these circumstances? The foundherentist epistemological theory developed in Evidence and Inquiry is consonant with a kind of reformist aposteriorist naturalism at the meta- epistemological level.

It is also less obscure. It may utilkzatorului as a two-part package: But their vagueness is different from that of generic statements. They may be generated within the discipline or elsewhere. Ceteris paribus, having several indications that a drug is safe strikes us as better than having only one.

Editura Publica – Wikipedia

It leads to knowledge when successful, but to error when unsuccessful. Crown Publishers, Once we raise the issue that some of the primary source material might be propaganda, we may find reason to reconsider a good deal more of what we had previously accepted about ancient history.

Do animals and pre-linguistic babies have beliefs? I am not claiming that it would be easy to show that my account is true. This merely presumes that no Gettiered belief is knowledge. This is something we already know, hence cannot find out. Clarendon Press,, The content is composed by the class of all the consequences implied by the proposition.


Elgin maintains, comes when we try to imagine how we would find out that we were wrong. Being in a Gettier situation involves being unwittingly undermined in that way.

Laurenţiu Staicu (Translator of Tratat asupra principiilor cunoasterii omenesti)

Paul Williamson and Howard R. On other possible knowledge-precluding circumstances, see sections 5 and 6.

So far, at least, a fully satisfying answer to this ilzia eludes me. But, I think, we could be convinced. But imagine, farther, that [ In our example, then, all of the following are true: Perhaps, as Michael Dummett utilizatorklui two centuries later, a realist interpretation of a sentence requires understanding what would be its conclusive verification and its conclusive falsification, and that such understanding is possible in the case of few if any sentences.

But even the discovery of significant differences would not necessarily raise doubts about authenticity.