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The way to Resize a Watch: Dos & Don’ts

Being a watch collector or someone who enjoys wearing luxury watches , you understand the importance of looking after your own treasured wristwear. Whether you need to change your watch strap over time to ensure the right fit and comfort or perhaps you enjoy swapping between steel or leather bands, you will need to resize your watch.

Depending on the watch, you may be able to resize it on your own along with just a few tools and patience. Nevertheless , if it’s a more complicated metal watch band or you lack the tools or time, you may be better off acquiring it to a professional to get this adjusted. When resizing your Audemars Piguet watch with metal strap links, for instance, you may wish to get it professionally adjusted to avoid scratching or compromising your thin but magnificent timepiece. Whatever route you choose, here are the dos and don’ts of resizing your watch strap.

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Dos for Resizing Metal Watch Bands

Most watch bands that need to be resized have steel bands. These intricate tie links are connected with pushpins, therefore the pushpins need to be removed to reduce the watch strap. Here’s list of positive actions if you want to adjust your metal view band on your own.

  • Get a Strap-Changing Tool

Strap-changing tools , like adjusters, can make resizing your watch strap much easier. Consider getting an adjuster using a fork attachment for use on springtime bars and a pusher for eliminating metal links on watches without spring bars.

  • Use a Flat work surface and Cloth

It’s essential to have a flat surface to work on with plenty of workspace. You should use a cloth or towel to protect your watch from sliding around and getting scratched and to stop tools or pins from rolling away.

  • Work from the Back

Always lay your watch face down on the particular cloth and work from the back so that if your hand slips or else you accidentally scratch your metal music group, the scratches won’t be visible on the outward-facing side of your tie.

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  • Carefully Remove the Strap and Reduce

To remove your watch band using an adjuster, insert the forked end of your tool between the tie and lug, and gently use pressure away from the lug. While you add pressure, push down somewhat to allow the bar to pop out.

On the inside of the watchband, you should see small arrows upon some links. This is the only path the links’ pins can be removed. The arrow should point to the medial side, and the pins must go through. When tapping the pin back, make sure to put the split side of the pushpin in last. To shorten the particular strap, put the watch band with all the arrows pointing toward the slot machine, turn the adjuster handle to push the pins out of the tie, and remove an equal amount of links on both sides. Keep in mind that it requires a reasonable amount of force to remove the pins because they are held in place by rubbing.

If you’re adjusting your strap with your own tools, you’ll need an electric screwdriver and hammer. If you have a set of screwdrivers, this offers a selection of sizes so you can get a perfect fit and remove the hyperlinks without causing damage. Ensure the watch strap with the arrows directing down is placed over a thick part of carpet. Then, use a small sludge hammer on the pins to get the pushpins from the watch strap. Next, remove the same amount of links on both sides of the strap.

Don’ts for Resizing Metal Watch Bands

While steel view bands can be resized at home with several common tools and patience, the process can be tedious. When in doubt or frustrated, don’t fix it yourself. You can create your timepiece in to get it professionally adjusted for a reasonable cost. In this way, you won’t have to worry about damaging your own prized possession or losing pins or links.

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Other Watch Bands You are able to Adjust

Outside of metal watch shoulder straps, you may need to resize your Milanese or even stretch wristwatch. You can perform these types of adjustments with the proper tools, like a thin screwdriver or adjuster and a pair of tweezers for picking up small pins on stretch bands. However , you can always visit your jeweler to have them perform these adjustments for you personally and help you achieve the perfect match.

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