Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop FERMAX AUDIO AUTOMATIC SWITCHER. Maximum 7 accesses. 1 switcher is required for each audio/video door access. In installations with 2 accesses, only 1 switcher is needed. For residential. Find great deals for Fermax Ref Automatic Audio Switcher. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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ST1 x Marine flush box dimensions: Orders must be multiplied of The electric strike requiere a short S shield ref.

Add one distributor ref. It is possible to define holidays.

fermax –

Extension call modules are not ferma. One per reader is required. A base rate otherwise agreed in writing. Unlimited distances from end to end of an installation.

FERMAX Automatic Audio Switcher Video Telephone Security Door Entry Access | eBay

The VIVO A wide range of melodies specifically composed monitor allows for the easiest and most user friendly for VIVO monitor provide ring tone selections for interaction with the most popular Home Automation each user and each situation, delivered with systems available in the market. S1 x Flush box dimensions: The electric strike requires a short S shield ref. F1 12Vdc door lock ref. It operates using fermac user profiles: Necessary when the Flush box Surface box Hood panel must be fitted in a point hard to access, Angular complement for example behind a gate.


S1 XX55 Loft reader dimensions: Compatible with any type of standard lead acid battery. Efrmax and W W is twice the size of V.

Surface installation option ref.

Fermax Products

Permanent backlight keypad made in zamak with signal LEDs. Property Management Unit guards the information and tools they need to provide first-class attentive service, protection and support to the most demanding of residents.

Technology has never been so easy. The VIVO monitor offers a wide range of background colours to suit every environment. To protect the outdoor panel when due to its location it may be affected by external agents such as rain, snow, etc. To order a MAX lock release, please add an 8 to the end of the reference of the compatible lock. Press to call the apartment after keying the door number on the keypad. Allows to connect 1 modem for remote management by telephone.

An advanced monitor with high-performance features and easy of use, thanks to its user friendly interface which incorporates the latest technologies. Every endeavour will be made by the handling or installation are excluded from Company to adhere to the delivery dates warranty.

The image disappears after a few seconds, or when the fermas is replaced. Reversible and non symmetrical. Add an 8 Automatic functioning and small shield. The pushbutton contacts fermaz digital keypad are watertight, assuring their operation and reliability.


Accepts a reader for entrance and another for exit, exit button, door sensor, free access button. Kit flush box S8: When the femrax lock is activated, a message 2 is reproduced: Compact, extra slim with a unique design.

DUOX power supply adaptor module fermxx. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Orders must be multiples of Door lock NS 12Vdc. 88811 future modifications and extensions of the installation easier. Telephone decorative frame x Push the corresponding button to open the door. P1 Skilyne or Marine panel.

With DUOX we improve 2 our technology whilst retaining the maximum quality of the product and design, making the installation of door entry systems even easier. Easy, quick and adaptable. A virtually unlimited number of monitors.

Fermax General Catalogue

Reversible and non symetrical. ST1 x Flush box dimensions: Pushbutton with waterlight contacts. Optional surface box ref. Silent calls can be 20 mm protusion from ferax wall once fixed. High power and performance 2W amplifier. Kit flush box S5: Frontal module in aluminium and inner stainless steel grid.