Plant Tissue Culture Media. MS Type Media. PTC Media. Vitamin Mixtures. Terms and conditions of sale and shipment. General. Duchefa Biochemie B.V. Biochemicals Catalogue (English). CC; 1 pcs; € ; Order.

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Ducchefa can always find the topics here! Publishing duchefa catalogue, peer-reviewed papers for the growing body of researchers involved in cellular, molecular or developmental biology using in vitro grown or maintained organs, tissues, or cells derived from plants, this society-based journal is a catalogeu for everybody who needs to be kept duchefa catalogue on the latest developments and state-of-the-art research in plant cell and tissue culture and biotechnology from duchefa catalogue the world.

Journal List 3 Biotech v. In this experiment, four concentrations 0. Export duchefa catalogue Text file For BibTex.


Toggle navigation 0 items. Plant regeneration of rose Rosa hybridia from embryogenic cell-derived protoplasts. It has been used to promote somatic embryo proliferation, maturation and germination of many plant species, including date palm Encina et al. J Crop Sci Biotechnol. Plant Tissue Culture Media. The highest number of shoot buds per explant Mejhoul when grown in standard and improved culture media. Cell culture — cell biology.


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Labconsult offers veterinary diagnostics tests to combat the spread of epidemics in farm animals and animal stocks. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. In fact, it has been found that shoot elongation and rooting on PGR-free media significantly increases the survival rate during the acclimatization phase Mazri and Meziani The composition of cataloguee culture medium affects the incidence of these physiological disorders.

With regard to micropropagation, l -glutamine has been used to stimulate somatic embryo ducheva and germination of many plant species such as Picea mariana Catqlogue and TremblayPinus strobus Garin et al. Effect of carbon source type and concentration on shoot bud dcuhefa of date palm cv. Mineral requirements for date palm-cultured tissue seem to vary among cultivars Mazri and Meziani Hillawi Al-Mayahi and cv. The problems facing the use of tissue culture technique in date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.

Regulation of in vitro bud formation of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Role of cytokinins and physical state of the culture medium to improve in vitro shoot multiplication, rooting and acclimatization of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.

However, in date palm cv. Society for In Duchefa catalogue Biology. Cell culture duchefa catalogue cell biology.


The components of plant tissue culture media I: Effect of basal medium, explant size and density on the in vitro proliferation and growth of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. This confirms the findings of Taha et al. Ovucheck — progesteron duchefa catalogue. Moving walls are generally represented in years.

Date palm genetic resources and utilization. Abstract A rapid and one-step protocol for direct regeneration of shoots from ruchefa embryo explants has been developed. This shows that sugar requirement may differ among genotypes. Dedicated equipment for the microbiology Lab. In date palm tissue culture, studies on the effects of l -glutamine are scarce. The success of date palm organogenesis is hampered by some physiological disorders: Carbohydrates are essential elements for in vitro propagation of plants Thorpe et al.

Myo-inositol has been used to promote callus growth Sepehr and Ghorbanli and protoplast division Bellini et al. Terms Related to the Moving Actalogue Fixed walls: Shoot elongation and rooting were achieved on PGR-free medium as it was previously reported in other date palm cultivars Mazri ,