I found a friend for My melody. Chococat is the second Sanrio character I’ve made. Now they can play together. The finished plush is about 12 cm high. Chococat (Sanrio) Amigurumi Pattern designed by Sabrina’s Crochet! The finished plush is about 12 cm high. Materials: Crochet needle (2,5. More Patterns Like This! chococat · Duckies (Sanrio) Amigurumi Pattern · Coraline Cat Amigurumi Pattern Free · Gumball Free Amigurumi.

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This is why I’m technically giving the book amigurumu stars. There’s a link in the Comments section, as well as information on modifications I made for Keroppi.

In fact, Allison Hoffman created this pattern for use in her “basic amigurumi” class, and I’ll bet they were a huge hit!

Voodoo Maggie knows cute and these are possibly the cutest creatures that can be created with colored yarn. An easy enough to follow pattern, with the benefit of a little laugh if you think about putting a hex on somebody while you are making it.

This crochet voodoo bear is completely handmade of yarn, plastic buttons, beads and silver pins. News and Discussion About Craftster. You should still have the tail from the beginning of the Ear Back steps above, do not fasten this off as you will need it to secure your ears on to the Chococat beanie during assembly. Place to the side until needed for assembly. Super fun hello kitty neon pink pattern finex set of 3 hello kitty foldable reusable tote recycle shopping bag lightweight portable large capacity by finex.

I’m sure crafters could easily create him except for his cinnamon bun tail!

Amigurumi Hello Kitty Chococat

The hello kitty x converse collection fashions three of converses most celebrated silhouettes the chuck taylor all star, chuck 70 and one star into must have styles for the multi. Artful designs, easy-to-follow knitting instructions and detailed illustrations allow you to create the most delightful crocheted Japanese miniatures easily.


Instructions on crocheting a bear, bunny, cat, dog, elephant, giraffe, hippo, and monkey delve into how ajigurumi assemble the animals, and notes and tips on the crochet techniques used are included. Now, this book is not necessarily for beginners.

It is for personal use only. August 26, SHE became a butterfly!! Repeat for second eye white. For instance, the dresses for the Twin Stars did not say to “flip” the dress over the body.

Abby’s Amigurumi ♥

Halloween Cross Stitch Cat. Funky Donkey Amigurumi by Serah Basnet. That being said, I think most people who do amigurumi could come up with workarounds in yarn, perhaps by adapting other patterns. Goed uit te komen. Honestly, Amigurumi patterns are not for beginners in general and it takes awhile to learn how to crochet in spirals and to get amiturumi hang of how Amigurumi works.

Sl st into last st. Abbreviations used in this pattern US crochet stitches: Here are over of the best free purse, amigurhmi and bag. Each rectangle features either a cute kitty face or a traditional granny chocoocat modified slightly to make it oblong. There are spooky spider amigurumi, perfectly unpleasant pumpkins and all manner of monstrous bunting designs.

If you don’t already know this about me, you should probably know that I chocoxat an extreme love for Hello Kitty and her friends. PDF digital file with simple Domo-kun, a strange yet very polite creature that hatched from an egg, likes to rock, watch tv, hang out with an old rabbit dude and pass gas when nervous, is here for you in Amigurumi form.


Bring 14 Magical Characters to Life! Following on from the last post I made about the Animal Doodle A Day challenge, well I doodled these in my crochet style of animals, meaning that I could perhaps crochet some of them in the future.

This pattern is a somewhat coherent version of a bunch of notes scribbled behind a choccoat list. I think I can even use the patterns for other characters not featured.

This project is worked in the round on the base of a magic ring. It’s based on a picture of a crocheted voodoo doll I saw somewhere.

I love the photos of all the characters because they are truly brought to life. Repeat process for second ear. Luckily I found another pattern that had a similar concept. Cute and Quirky Crochet Critters at Amazon. Once you feel comfortable doing that, you should amgiurumi this book much more user friendly than you would have otherwise. Amigurumi is amihurumi the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting relatively small and cute stuffed toys.

Learn how to crochet a tube for an amigurumi arm or leg by watching this video crafting tutorial. In magic circle, ch 2 before placing 12 dc in to the circle.

Pics for you evety day

Don’t expect to just pick up the book and instantly be able to create magic. Place 1 dc in 2nd st leaving 1st st unworked, place 1 dc in following st, and dctog last two st.

On girl voodoo the heart I made on her chest was done using pattern you can find here.