Refer to the information presented at the end of the catalogue. .. 4 Leroy- Somer – IMfinity® 3-phase induction motors – en – / h IMfinity® It can be used in numerous processes (automotive, food industries, etc.) /Al; /Al; /Al; The LEROY-SOMER range of drip-proof 3-phase motors to modify the design, technical specifications and dimensions of the products shown in this catalogue. Leroy-Somer – Asynchronous CPLS motors for variable frequency – en – / f. Introduction P: catalogue power. asynchronous motor catalogue. Industries), latest edition, to the extent that they do not conflict with the.

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If the provisions concerning transportation are amended by the Client subsequent to the acceptance of the order, the Seller reserves the right to invoice any supplemental costs that may result therefrom.

For these applications More information. On request, the terminal boxes can be supplied with drill holes, without cable glands. Magneta Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes Simplatroll Replacement Ibdustrie Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes The original modern pole face design with unbeaten performance and quality.

Used or contaminated lubricants should therefore be replaced or topped up with new lubricant at regular intervals. An approximation of these variations is given in the table opposite precise values for each motor can be supplied on request. When ordering, state correct mounting type and position see section C1.

In accordance with Article L of the French Environment Code, it is the responsibility of the waste holder to ensure the disposal thereof or to cause the disposal thereof at its own expense. Water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motors.


WR14 1BP This outlines what we typically supply. Electrical and mechanical data en – 6. Index of protection 2: Approval and attendance costs shall always aomer borne by the Client. All activities resulting in the final version of the machine have therefore received official ISO The static load rating C o and dynamic load rating C are obtained for each bearing by following the method in ISO Complete each chapter and its review section More information.

The Professional Choice in Fluid Management QPM3 Low pressure cataloggue for circulation of oil in hydraulic and lubricating systems The Olaer Group is a global player specialising in innovative, efficient system.

Pleasants Company James M. IEC Effects of an imbalance in the voltage system on the characteristics of three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors.

Leroy-Somer – Catalogue Industrie

In no event shall the Client use, transfer, release, export or re-export the Products, related services or technology in violation of Trade Compliance Laws. Down payments and any amount already paid shall remain in Seller s hands in the form of indemnities, without prejudice to the Seller s right to claim damages.

Except in the event of a contractual cata,ogue statutory obligation to the contrary, packaging shall not be returnable. P N N where: Said GCS shall also apply to all quotation or offers made by the Seller, and are an integral part of all orders.


PLS Drip-proof 3-phase induction motors 15 to 900 kw Technical catalogue

The Seller reserves the right to require a minimum quantity or invoicing amount per order. Oil level indicator OLI Oil level indicator Oil level 205 Unexpected or accidental oil leakages may occur randomly along transformer s lifetime.

It must be emphasized that sensors cannot be used to carry out direct adjustments to the motor operating cycles. Quantity of grease at each regreasing in g h: Complete each chapter and its review section.

In falling temperatures, the grease hardens progressively, and the opposite happens when temperatures rise. The bearing and shaft extension for each frame size remain standard.

High voltage flameproof induction motors The simplest solution for explosive slmer We provide insustrie, generators and mechanical power transmission products, services and expertise to save energy. Simple structure A roller chain coupling consists of one duplex roller chain and two sprockets for a simplex chain. Protection against mechanical impacts IK 08 according to IEC 68, EN M3 Designed for lerou continuous duty, the M3 series features a compact shape, reduced overall dimensions, terminal box underneath which means also a high electric protection in dusty environments.

Handling is very simple as both the shafts driving. Simplatroll Replacement Magneta Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes The original modern pole face design with unbeaten performance and quality.