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Storage solutions Kosta inverters. Our high quality standards guarantee that tools have a long service life and also make day-to-day work in workshops that extra bit easier. For this reason, the vast majority of our brake parts satisfy the stringent requirements of ECE-R90 approval — meaning that you can be sure of receiving OEM quality from us.

KOSTAL – Catalogo 2011

Among other things, this makes it responsible for starting up and driving off. Catalogo 5 – Documents. The engine is the beating heart of any vehicle. Published on Mar View Download 5. Such systems control communication with the driver and must meet very demanding requirements, e.


To get current price list or ask any questions about international sale please send email to marek kostal. Kostal New Generation aurinkoshkinvertterit Environment.


Useful and dependable in every sense. After all, the functions of the oostal and various assemblies, not to mention the safety of the vehicle occupants, are dependent on a stable drive train to a great extent.

Multi-purpose professional tools — For day-to-day workshop use Useful and dependable in every sense. Since we started with the manufacture of fishing equipment ineach year we add new items to our products line and further improve well proven ones.

2016 KOSTAL Catalogue

We constantly improve our products and cstalogo never feel tired of creating. You will find certified spare parts and wearing parts of the very highest quality in the Jakoparts product range. The Kosta, label is a seal of quality, so new approvals are added every day for our products. Zawsze jestemy o dwa kroki przed konkurencj. In order to safeguard their functionality, our products satisfy the highest requirements for modern drive-system designs. You can place order by email or by fax.

It goes without saying that drive-train components are subjected to massive amounts of force. That’s why we have developed storage solutions that enable you to not only generate and store your own power, but even feed it back into the mains grid if necessary. The entire weight of the vehicle rests on the shoulders of suspension and steering parts.


Filters and seals also fall squarely within the category of safety-relevant parts and are exposed to heavy loads due to increasing power levels. Tools which are perfectly tailored to workshop procedures really do pay off — for customers and workshops alike.

Drive belts in particular are subjected to enormous mechanical, chemical and thermic stress. Our cayalogo “Smart connections. Get to know us. Mobile Menu Company Our philosophy: Wikszo zamwie realizujemy w cigu dni. Ever more powerful engines mean that brake systems are subjected to ever higher caatalogo. Please fill all details as kostl form shown on right. Your smart connection to us.

Lista de productos Kostal Documents.

Full power to the brakes. Odkd w roku rozpoczlimy produkcj sprztu wdkarskiego z kadym rokiem dodajemy do naszej oferty nowoci i wci modyfikujemy sprawdzone wzory.

With its comprehensive range and first-to-market promise, our Jakoparts range of spare parts is a real heavyweight. Wci wprowadzamy zmiany i nigdy nie mamy do tworzenia.