: Airborne (): Constance Sharper: Books. Airborne (The Airborne Saga Book 1) and millions of other books are available for. Grounded: The Airborne Saga #2 [Constance Sharper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At last, Avery thought that she had made it back to. Windswept (The Airborne Saga) [Constance Sharper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two years ago, Avery never could have pictured.

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There really was no need for this. Avery knew she had a knack for attracting trouble, but even she is shocked when a six-foot-something harpie shows up on her doorstep.

The Airborne series lives up to the hype with it’s amazing world building and characters. Dear reader, don’t make the same mistake.

Book Review – Airborne (Airborne Saga #1) by Constance Sharper

Anyway, I know the book will be out sometime next year but the first chapters will be released before then. I found two errors.

There is a lot of fighting still just like book 1. I felt a little sorry for her? Apr 13, Tess rated it it was amazing. The blurb sounded like it had so much potential. Dec 27, Ashley rated it liked it. The author makes it entertaining but realistic. I really haven’t read anything really like it. I love all the action within this book, and all the twists and turns this novel takes. Stuck together, Mason and Avery go on a mission to get the magic out of her body and they go bashing heads the entire way.


I love to hate her. With the danger her life is put into over and over again Avery has to use the magic inside of her to survive. Aug 09, Jenie added it. The gist is this. The whole plot was engrossing and gripping!!

Airborne (Airborne Saga, #1) by Constance Sharper

Currently Reading Nothing at the moment! I could see it in any bookstore. Preview — Airborne by Constance Sharper.

The price will be. To put it in perspective, an average day I log eleven hours at work, five to six days a week.

I don’t know, I just couldn’t really see Avery actually playing politics and battle planning with the harpies. If it had been an arraged marrige, than I could have dug that. The writing, pacing, and story line were good. She currently lives with her beagle and wishes a Starbucks would open up nearby.

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Windswept (The Airborne Saga, #3) by Constance Sharper

They are always on the run from either the Band or the police of harpies and are constantly either being captured, escaping or eluding them. She complained too much, worried too much, and has no taste in boys. Adalyn is still a bi–atch, no surprise there By continuing to use this website, you agree to the Privacy Policy. I think I re-read the first part 5 times before I got a hang of it.

When additional harpies come after her in order to get the shell, she realizes that not all of them are going to ask nicely. Avery aiborne Mason still have a long way to go, but the growth between the two is wonderfully done, you just know their road may be hard but well worth the journey!