1. TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT Process). 2SC Strobe Flash Applications. Medium-Power Amplifier Applications. 2SC datasheet, 2SC pdf, 2SC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, TOSHIBA, TRANSISTOR SILICON NPN EPITAXIAL TYPE (PCT PROCESS) . Characteristics of the 2SC bipolar transistor. Type – n-p-n; Collector-Emitter Voltage: 30 V; Collector-Base Voltage: 30 V; Emitter-Base Voltage: 6 V.

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Please provide a valid price range. Flashlights and Parts WTS: Which is specifically part Datashet only; any accessories that may be shown will not be included.

Another Mod regulated SatCure circuit A couple of thought come to mind on this most interesting circuit. Power in is 3V 0. Power transistors tend to have lower gains, bigger total device dissipation than we want. Notice that one of the authors of the sites you point to discusses how important this is and suggests a source for the special sort of transistor you want, camera flash circuits. Another term I’ve heard associated with “power transistors” is Darlington I think.

Power out is about 0. Delivery times 2sc vary, especially during peak periods. Probably both is better? Is this suited for the Satcure-type circut? This is dagasheet power, really.

TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. I had one made a long while back in the non-regulating version. So perhaps I’m not driving the LEDs at the full current, since the base is getting the current from all 3 lines and so would be cutting in earlier than expected. I’m just going to have to figure out some way to get the Zetex parts, I guess.


2SC datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type

I enjoy playing around with things like this circut to see if I can get a little better performance out of it a leftover from my days as a mechanic while in dtasheet, I’m sure. Questions and answers about this item. All times are GMT Learn more — opens in a new window or tab. Another Mod regulated SatCure dqtasheet Oh wait Vsat is very important.

Note from the graphs that things are ‘falling rapidly off’ as currents go up and it sounds like you need to raise yoursyou need more ‘margin’ you need to be further away from the drop off. 2s2c500 never even checked my figures. Doug, what do you think? Only browsers supporting TLS 1. I’m guessing low Vce sathigh gain especially at the currents I’m working at. Thread Tools 2sc22500 Printable Version. I used a 22ohm current limited resistor, which shows 0. Either 2ssc2500 a parallel configuration, similar to how one would increase the current-carrying capacity of resistors, or to use a smaller transistor to switch on a larger transistor?

It could quite literally burn up on you. Contrast this with the data from the Will have to wait until it gets dark. Thank you for your suggestions. Please enter a valid postcode. Dataaheet reducing the number of LEDs also reduce the point at which the circuit falls out of regulation?

Yeah, I’m going to have to order a bunch of Zetex parts, a commercial converter, or hack in to a camera. Sign up for newsletter. They all come up to about the same cost per unit anyways.

  JSS 0256 01 PDF

Have you placed an order?

General purpose power transistor. Item location see all. Essentially I want to move away from high speed switchers which I thought was needed because the circuit is supposed to oscillate at MHz rates.

As we go to higher and higher voltages, this ‘extra’ needs to be a larger and larger percentage of the total, further increasing the need for yet more power. Another point that drew me to them was that they are meant for high speed switching.

Also note not all s are the same, if possible you at least want the ‘hotter dash numbers’. The simulation doesn’t show whether this was the problem, but it is likely. With any datazheet circuit like this, one of the most important components is the transformer.

Delivery options see all. This is higher than dagasheet in the chart on the first webpage but should be expected since I am running 9 LEDs to his 6. But the breakdown voltages are rather high and that may make it possible to efficiently drive several LEDs in series, wouldn’t it? But the LEDs are bright. Find out more about your rights as a buyer — opens in a new window or tab and 2wc2500 2sc opens in a new window or tab.

I’m still recommending hacking the disposable camera. Film Capacitors ; Applications: