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​ Why Every Gentleman Needs a Patek Philippe Watch

Every gentleman needs a stylish, beautiful view to complete his look. Created in 1839, Patek Philippe has continued to be a ti (symbol) in the luxury watch business. The company’s careful attention in order to detail has created iconic, classic designs that any gentleman would be proud to wear in the wrist. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a special guy in your life or you want a new watch to add to your collection, Patek Philippe has many fashionable, exquisite options for you to choose from. So , why is a luxury watch so important for a gentleman? Along with one glance, others in the know can recognize the standard of the watch, setting the particular stage for that all-important initial impression. Here are some other reasons why you ought to choose Patek Philippe for your wrist.

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Patek Philippe is all about style. A Patek Philippe watch enhances your appearance, giving you an air flow of sophistication. You can pick from timeless, traditional timepieces in order to more innovative, modern timepieces. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut Collection is chic, contemporary, and sporty. For youthful gentlemen, this watch complements their contemporary style. The simple watch face comes in glowing blue, green, and black, with a stainless steel face. If you choose rose gold or white gold, you can choose between several stunning options.

The octagonal porthole bezel was inspired with the popular Patek Phillip Nautilus . Numerous models have an innovative strap made of a new composite material, which is resistant to UV-rays, deep sea, and wear and tear, meaning you can enjoy your watch in different weather. However , for a more formal look, the secure also comes with a 3-piece stainless-steel link bracelet.

For those who prefer a more traditional, modern look, the Patek Philippe Calatrava selection is natural elegance. It’s one of the most coveted dress watches on the market using its classic rounded clock encounter, guilloché bezel, Feuille (leaf) hands, and Roman numerals emphasizing its timeless, traditional design.

Make a Statement

The right luxury watch is not only sleek, elegant, and spectacular but will make a statement.

Regardless of the collection you choose, a Patek Philippe watch shows you worry about tradition, style, and style. Purchasing a Patek Philippe watch supports a family business––the last family-owned watch company in Geneva. If you have one of their own watches on your wrist, everyone will know that you support beauty and family.

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Support Quality

The high-quality manufacturing process of Patek Philippe is renowned all over the world. Since the company started making watches in the 1800s, it has devoted itself to high-quality, distinctive products. All watch performers are given an extraordinary amount of innovative freedom, resulting in continuous creativity and over 100 patents filed by company . The company also prides itself on its independence. All the watches are manufactured in company-owned and self-financed buildings, meaning that Patek Philippe never depends on someone else to ensure quality.

Every watch is hand-finished, a painstaking process that will ensures the watch features perfectly, with no small scrapes or impediments to its ticking. Patek Philippe also takes the time to create perfectly crafted cases and anklet bracelets, a process that requires nearly 20 specialists for each watch.

Every aspect, through the bracelet to the case, to the Patek Philippe seal, utilizes the highest quality of materials and it is crafted by talented artisans.

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Custom and Innovation

Tradition and innovation will often be two opposing forces, yet Patek Philippe is a master of both. Watches like the Patek Philippe Calatrava Men’s 5196G-001 have a traditional design in the circular faces and beautiful leather bracelets. However , the inner workings from the watches rely on innovations created by Patek Philippe watchmakers through the years. The Complications Collection is another example of combining tradition and innovation. These clever watches tell the time as well as the date while also showing the tradition of high quality Patek Philippe is known just for.

The gentleman looking for an innovative however traditional watch might take pleasure in the Complications 5212A-001 , with its stunning sapphire crystal, silver dial, self-winding clock mechanism, smooth leather-based bracelet, and days of the week display. The stainless steel case resists damage, and the watch is water-resistant as much as 30 meters. Every Patek Philippe watch is backed by nearly two generations of tradition, experience, plus innovation. Whatever model you choose, you’ll become a part of that tradition the moment you put your own watch on your wrist.

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