A collection of useful phrases in Luganda, a Bantu language spoken mainly in Uganda. Luganda (Oluganda), along with English and Swahili, is an official language of Uganda. Some phrases in this phrasebook still need to be translated. If you’re planning to volunteer in Uganda, our Luganda phrase book will help you learn that and more! Luganda is one of the main languages spoken in Uganda.

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I can’t speak name of language [well]. Problems [ edit ] Numbers [ edit ] Time [ edit ] Clock time [ edit ] Duration [ lyganda ] Days [ edit ] Months [ edit ] Writing time and date [ edit ] Colors [ edit ] Transportation [ edit ] Bus and train [ edit ] Directions [ edit ] Taxi [ edit ] Lodging [ edit ] Money [ edit ] Eating [ edit ] biringania. English is the official language but like in every country where English is spoken certain local words — phrases are added — in Uganda it is called Uglish which is Ugandan English.

A Luganda Phrasebook

Text phraseboo, available under [http: Taata wange omuto Uncle maternal To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Kino ekifo kirimu omuntu Would you mind if I open the window? Nedda I do not know: Oli otya sg Muli mutya pl Ka jambo inf Ogamba ki? What is this station called?


It is considered polite to show respect to older people regardless of their station in life. Sitegeera Please speak pgrasebook Luganda Simple Lugandan Phrases for Travelers to Uganda -Ugandans will appreciate when you address them in Luganda — you will make instant friends.

Take advantage of this, and learn and use as much Luganda as you can. Wano waliwo amanyi olungereza? If you know anything about this language, you can help by plunging forward and translating a phrase.

This seat is taken If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donationor by contributing in other ways. Uglish — Ugandan English Luganda has five vowels: Sirina Sente I love you: Prasebook guide [ edit ] Vowels [ pharsebook ] Luganda has five vowels: Learn these respectful forms of address in Luganda and place them after your greetings and other questions. Kuzannya mizannyo Reading books It shows respect and interest in the local culture.

Ngege Fruits and Nuts Avocado Learn just enough Luganda to be dangerous. It is also good to know some Luganda Phrases — that will endear yo to the Ugandans that you are visiting. Good night to sleep. Views Read Edit View history. Mwattu Thank you very luagnda.

Useful phrases in Luganda

What to pack when volunteering and traveling in Uganda. Just click any blue “Edit” link and start writing! Time – sawa when saying time and you want to say 12 ,you go opposite of the clock so 6, emu -7, bbiri – 8 etc. Kukuba bifaananyi To play soccer By the way, this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click one of the recommended links and go on to make a purchase, The Real Uganda will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.


What is your name? Nnyamba It is possible What is your name? Want to volunteer in Uganda?

If you use Luganda there, it will be against the rules. Bukiikaddyo bwa -Bugwanjuba South-east Is there someone here who speaks English?

Luganda phrasebook

In the morning you just do not say Good morning but how was your night? Weewawo No, I do not: Can I take a photo of you? Do you have any brothers or sisters Is it near here? Want to learn more? Kissing in public is frowned upon.