Having done this, Icaza guaranteed that Huasipungo stands as a monument to his intentions, and consolidates the literary seat of honor that it has achieved with . Deeply moving in the dramatic intensity of its relentless evolution and stark human suffering, Icaza’s novel has been translated into eleven foreign languages . Huasipungo by Jorge Icaza; 28 editions; First published in ; Libro que por la fuerza de su mensaje llegó a ser prohibido en varios.

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This makes it difficult for the readers to ascertain which version they are reading. The writing is quite vivid, and reading it is a cultural experience.

Dec 12, Andrea rated it really liked it. The narrative begins with a landowner, Alfonso Pereira, who relocates to his property in the Andes after many years of absentee management.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The first complete edition of Huasipungo was first translated into the English language in by Mervyn Savill and published in England by Dennis Dobson Ltd.

La historia de un prepotente latifundista, aliado con lo mejor de la cristiandad, quieren “civilizar” la selva ecuatoriana.

Don Alfonso Iicaza is in debt to his uncle Julio, whereupon Julio convinces him to talk his Indians into building a road so that gringos could tear down the forests and drill for oil. Huasipungo became a well-known ” Indigenist ” novel, a movement in Latin American literature that preceded Magical Realism and emphasized brutal realism.


May 23, Jordy rated it it was amazing. Also, the ending — depressing and realistic perhaps, but a bit rushed.

Huasipungo | Open Library

This system was apparently in effect until land reform in Siento que hay mucho de trasfondo pero es que no me llega jajajaja. Huasipungo was originally published in followed by substantial revisions in andaimed at making the novella huqsipungo emotionally effective.

This page was last edited on 16 Februaryjorgw All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November If you do plan to read Huasipungo in Spanish, the Stockcero edition seems to be a good choice. This novel is for those interested in Latin American literature, and more specifically indigenist literature from the 20th century that addresses the abuses against native populations in the Americas.

Jun 23, Pedro Portillo huasipunyo it did not like it.

Huasipungo es una pieza fundamental en el desarrollo de la narrativa indigenista andina. There is a lot of disembodied bystander dialogue, which gives the reader the sense of being a fly on the wall in this place and time.

Open Preview See a Problem? For of two evil, tragic choices, we must always choose the lesser. They finally incite a revolt which is violently suppressed by the military.

Apr 05, Nayely Romero rated it liked it.

Throughout the book, he is easily manipulated and shows a complete lack of forethought or ability to consider the probable consequences of his actions. And while a page introduction seems excessive for a page novella, it does include some interesting information. Huasipungo is often compared to John Steinbeck ‘s Grapes of Wrath fromas both are works of social protest.



Books by Jorge Icaza. When Andres wails for his dead wife and resorts to stealing to bury her well, you really feel for him, eventhough he had been hjasipungo abusive and neglectful husband. Aug 12, Paulina rated it liked it.

Quichua, as it turns out, is not a misspelling of Quechua but a variation spoken in Ecuador. Jul 19, Sandra Escritora rated it it was amazing. As dangerous working conditions and natural disasters occur, the workers become increasingly more disgruntled and desperate.

Sheds light on the awful historical subjugation of Ecuadorian Indians by colonialists. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Junto al indio aparece el cholo, victima del blanco y verdugo del indio.

On the downside, the occasionally misplaced punctuation and line breaks are just sloppy. Jjorge think I could deal with that by itself, but it was mixed with a Hemingway-like dialogue style — very minimalist, and it was difficult to keep track of who was speaking.