Joss Ware (Envy Chronicles #) (Beyond the Night, Embrace the Night Eternal, Abandon the Night, Night Betrayed) [Joss Ware] on *FREE*. Buy a cheap copy of Embrace the Night Eternal book by Joss Ware. “Joss Ware’s vision of the future is dark, complex and sharply original. I’m eagerly. Series By Joss Ware; Books By Joss Ware. Most Popular Embrace the Night Eternal. from: $ #2 Night Forbidden: Envy Chronicles, Book 5. from: $

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When someone from his past resurfaces he’ll have to sacrifice himself for the good of those around him and he does so willingly, just to know that the heroine is safe. But when their search for Remingt http: Maggie Boyd Review Date: If you’re looking for a story with action, fun awkwardness, a bit of angst and love, this is the book for you!

Embrace the Night Eternal

I did like book 2 a bit more than the first book. In fact, she’s a virgin. Originally posted at Vampire Book Club Being book two in a series, and having the basic background set up already, I was able to get into Embrace the Night Eternal quicker than Beyond the Night. That said I was interested in how Sage’s origin worked into the new world.

One of the main reasons she fell for Simon was that he treated her like the intelligent woman she was. He was very Darryl from Walking Dead- the hair, the resourcefulness and the quiet personality that hide a true warrior underneath.

The allure of the mystery, the unknowing and the surviving will keep me coming back for each book in this series. Perhaps she should feel something for him, but she doesn’t. Sage is now twenty-eight and has established herself in Envy, developing strong friendships with Jade heroine of book 1 Theo and Lou. That’s the first problem. During their stay, Simon reveals that he gained a power in the Sedona caves as well.


Anyway, this was another success in my books and I recommend it to fans of post apocalyptic romance with a damaged hero and a inexperience heroine.

I think the two make a fine pair. Simon Japp will never forget his violent past. However, she has other plans. They had this quiet brewing attraction that sizzled. This was another fabulous installment in this series. I really enjoyed this one too. If I get fired from my job, I’m blaming this book. I love the end of the world sexy environment that produce strong but vulnerable men and capable and intelligent women. This is the second book in a dystopian-romance series.

But I really loved Sage. She knew they couldn’t stand there and kiss like a couple on the run in a thriller.

Embrace the Night Eternal: Envy Chronicles – Colleen Gleason, Joss Ware – Google Books

But I’m still looking forward to his book. Sage Corrigan is a computer whiz who uses her vast knowledge to gather any and all information she can find concerning their enemies. He is one good example of the “tortured” hero for me.

Sage and Simon work together fighting the Immortals and when they go on a mission posing as a couple to infiltrate a ring that could help their fight, their staged relationship might become more than just a lie.

Not that Sage is his either.

He’s trying to get away from that past of lawlessness and start fresh. Heroes of New Vegas 6 books.

Book review: Joss Ware’s *Embrace the Night Eternal*

There are still a number of characters I want to read about, one is a bad guy who is possibility reformed but then maybe not. I liked her, liked that she was confident and aggressive in the choices she made and I liked the relationship she and Simon developed.

Envy might not look like much to new resistance fighter Simon, but it is a world away — and a world better — than the one she left in the small community of Falling Creek. Mar 10, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: It is extremely interesting and Joss Ware has done a great job here. I’m not sure what to think about that just yet. He has a very strong and rigid self-discipline which tells you just how hard his life has been up to now.


Ware was walking a fine line with the triangle. He wants Sage with an ache that is palpable, but he refuses to give in. Quiet, reserved, yet deadly. She needs a husband to be taken back in. Known as a person who can easily blend into the shadows hah This should have been something the editor caught, if not the author herself. The main character in the previous installment, survived with the gift of healing.

I gotta say it’s very rare that I love both the male and female MC in a book, but here it is! It was the embbrace thing he could have broken the tie between him and the crime lord he was bound to. The world has been explained in-depth to the reader in the previous book, so this book was able to delve into the emotional side of things, which I absolutely loved! Unfortunately, in this case, it’s just plain annoying.

Granted as the story progresses, there’s enough back-story to know what’s going on but I think that to be able to etetnal the full effect of this series, it’s important to read the books in order.