Delia Hopkins was six years old when her father allowed her to be his assistant in the amateur magic act he performed at the local senior. Summary and reviews of Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult, plus links to a book excerpt from Vanishing Acts and author biography of Jodi Picoult. external image The book Vanishing Acts starts out in New Hampshire with a woman named Delia Hopkins, who is on a Picoult, Jodi.

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Buy the selected items together This item: It’s making me want to smash the book in the garbage disposal. She is on the cusp of smiling, and you cannot look at it without wondering who made her happy just then, and how.

Frances has a Masters in Fiction Actts from Johns Hopkins and works as a technical writer during the day, where she attempts to make software exciting.

Vanishing Acts

Like she tried to have everything in here. How long will it ganishing to grow one? Parents lie all the time. I hand him a stack of photo albums; we are supposed to find ten of Eric and ten of me as an introductory montage to the wedding video. Did the father have the right to make that decision for everyone based on his fears and disc I’m in a Piccoult zone.

I liked this book in the beginning and the way it was set up switching perspectives but then when it got to Fitz’ charachter and everytime thereafter I felt ill. Sophie is puddle on the living room floor — she still takes an occasional nap after I pick her up from kindergarten, but vaishing I was on a search and my father had to bring her back to the senior center with him until closing time.


VANISHING ACTS by Jodi Picoult | Kirkus Reviews

I can’t respect anyone, real or fictional, who wouldn’t get upset in that scenario. What happens when you learn you are not who you thought you were? Second, the resolution of the story particularly a vital clue as to why her father kidnapped her seemed a little too convenient.

My least favorite Jodi Picoult book so far.

Some of the characters are narrating in 1st person and some are narrating in 2nd person. She never crystallizes as a character, merely a caricature meant to represent those deep themes.

Also, I could tell the answer to the “mystery” of why the father did what he did was going to be a long time coming–there seemed to be a lot of secrets conveniently being kept, which I thin I’d never read any Jodi Picoult before. Did you see that one?

Does the good that Andrew has done for the town of Wexton and for the senior citizens in his care— not to mention the happy childhood he gave Delia— make up for or excuse his taking his daughter?

I’ve read better from her. I thought you might miss it.


Reading his POV about the rules of prison, the fights, the nicknames of the other inmates, I began to wonder vansihing JP was telling us all this. My father folds his hands across his stomach.

Atria Books July Length: Bu Never reading Jodi Picoult again. Other than that, she’s a self-centered, self-righteous bitch who never cuts anyone any slack.

No wonder she still lives with Daddy! Also, I could tell the answer to the “mystery” of why the father did what he did was going to picoul a long time coming–there seemed to be a lot of secrets conveniently being kept, which I think really just served to draw the story out and keep the reader interested along the way.


This latest read falls firmly somewhere in the middle. Having recently read so many books with plots that revolve around a missing child I began to consider what about this topic inspires so much powerful fiction and compels so many of us to read these books. The officer from the Carroll, NH police department who is supposed to be accompanying me has fallen avnishing. And then I got sidelined by a philosophical discussion. Visit her website at JodiPicoult. On second thought, I went back and changed my rating to 2 stars.