Thank you for purchasing a HUMAX satellite receiver. Please read this user manual carefully, to be able to safely install, use and maintain the receiver at. Humax F2 FoxT (box Read more about programme, software, channels, desired, displayed and display. Read online or download PDF • Page 55 / 78 • Humax F2-FOX User Manual • Humax Satellite.

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Select your desired channel using the button and press the OK button to change the channel.

Humax Satellite TV System F2-FOX User Guide |

If the product does not work normally after completing the following trouble shooting, please contact your local product distributor or service centre. Press the OK or button.

Select your desired option humqx press the OK button. Cannot watch the channel in usual way. This, unfortunately, is not the case. When completing the default setting, press the OK button to automatically run the Installation Wizard.

Humax F2-FOX Satellite TV System User Manual

When completing the software update, the product is automatically powered off and on again. Moreover, the unit comes with problems that the manufacturer shows no interest in resolving. HUMAX does not have any responsibility for direct, indirect, accidental, necessary and other damage due to your offer or use of the information contained in this manual.


Channel Search is available. Not the cheapest Freeview set top box, poor Scart lead supplied. Very good quality picture, good channel capacity, and a good EPG planner, but You can easily set-up using simple organisation and options, and watch the broadcasting after completing the set-up procedure. Viewers can now enjoy both outstanding stability and comfort in this affordable set-top box loaded with the very best technology HUMAX can offer.

Select the Cancel and press the OK reservation. Select Yes and press the OK button to update the software. Get to Know Us. The second issue is that after only a few hours of being connected to mains power the TV programme information disappears.

Displayed only when Y information is available.

Select your desired channel s in Favourite channel list, and press to remove Favourite channel s. If the weather is not so good that the quality of receiving signal strength is not recommendable, perform the software upgrade later.

Select By Genre and press the OK button to search programme by genre. Select your desired audio language using the button to change Audio immediately. Please note that if you don’t have normal loader software, the equipment may not be updated or work after software update.

Press the Yellow button to display the Schedule screen. When going to play it a message came up saying something like this ” Could not record this programme because of conflicting recordings and you won’t believe what it said next do you still want to watch it?


Humax Satellite TV System F2-FOXT User Guide |

Time Motor Limit is disabled. The Programme Guide for selected channel list is displayed.

Please read this user manual carefully, to be able to safely install, use and maintain the receiver at maximum performance. Press the LIST button while watching a programme to display the selected channel list.

Select the Save and press the OK gumax to complete the editing. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to decide when and where this software update can take place by beaming latest software versions over the air via antenna systems.

The FT is a set-top mnual perfectly suited for receiving the ever-growing digital terrestrial broadcasts from free-to-view channels.

Select Satellite using the button, and press the OK button. Then select your desired channel list using the button, and press the OK button. F2-dox Motor Limit using the button. Share your thoughts with other customers.