There are registered tanneries in Bangladesh, and around percent are located at Hazaribagh on about 25 hectares of land. Most of these use old. An investigation was made at Hazaribagh Tannery area, comprising about industries of pollution to the soils by the heavy metals and to investigate the. Hazaribagh lies on the banks of the Buriganga (The Old Ganges). The river of the leather tanneries to a new location in Savar with modern treatment facilities.

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Local cement companies thriving over multinationals. Kazi Anis Ahmed, Publisher. Author Daniel Lanteigne Filmmaker. I am so impressed that you took the time to explore this issue and to try to bring it to public attention. A young girl lives and plays next to a brook of tannery wastewater. Story of a political negotiator. Rahman feels the answer lies hazaribaghh education:. BiodiversityEcosystemsWaterPollution.

Over the black waters of the Buriganga, merchants unload shipments of fresh produce destined for city markets. Life as a transgender child in Bangladesh.

In the Time of the Others. How can this be possible? Enforcement of such laws would have a considerable impact on the condition of the Buriganga River as well as improving the health and safety hazadibagh the population.

Speakers hazraibagh the programme vowed to protect the rivers and build awareness among the people against pollution and encroachment. Inclusive policy can ensure heath services for all, say speakers. Possible troublemakers under police watch. Join the Discussion BrendanBarrett. The mammoth task that has generated much skepticism in the media inches along at a snails pace.


Nine fourth generation banks continue to bleed. Foreign and local observers yesterday appreciated the EC and said that the 11th national election was free, fair and disciplined. The dirty war against Kamal Hossain. The development of Savar should be much more than a relocation of the industry from Hazaribagh: Do you agree with them? Network of tanneries and leather product manufacturing units forming the leather cluster Hazaribagh has developed during last decades without proper planning and control.

After decades of discussion on the topic, a relocation project was launched in to tqnnery the tannery district to a remote location near Savar, north of Dhaka, where all tanneries would share a Central Effluent Treatment Plant Pol,ution as there is no room to build one at Hazaribagh.

Ending the culture of impunity. Certainly, the experts are calling for action. Everytime I show the photos to someone they are lost for words.

Workers process rawhides with toxic chemicals such as chromium, sulfur pollutio manganese to name a few. He said, The shifting of Hazaribagh tannery has reduced 40 per cent of pollution of Buriganga River. The fumes released by the chemicals in the water can cause serious health problems.

Tk cr projects being tanneery in Rajshahi. IGP off to China. Int’l workshop begins at BUET.

The fault is not in our stars. KUET celebrates 14th founding anniversary. Fresh off the press: He has been fortunate enough to work in Africa and recently in South East Asia. DU student found ppllution at Hazaribagh.

‘Removal of Hazaribagh tannery cut Buriganga pollution by 40%’ | Dhaka Tribune

Mercury content dangerously high in skin lightening products. The Buriganga Cleansing Project involves excavating 10 to 12 feet of sludge from the riverbed for a 3 km stretch and is set to last until June How did Mainul Hosein spend his first night haxaribagh jail?


RAB arrests 3 social media con artists from Hazaribagh. A tribute to writer and birangana Roma Chowdhury. Registration of 27 political parties at risk. The theme of this years World Rivers Day is Encroachment-pollution free rivers: Keeping our heritage alive. Wreck it as you please.

Housewife commits suicide over sexual harassment. Uncertainty looms among the residents of Hazaribagh over talk of moving the tanneries to an area outside of Dhaka.

Tanneries need huge amount of salt which are cheaply available in coastal area at almost no cost. Therefore the Hazaribagh district is probably most congested overcrowded and polluted part of Dhaka city.

For most of the people in Hazaribagh this is simply not possible — they have no choice but to work and live there. The tanneries evacuate 22, cubic meters of untreated liquid toxic waste daily into the Buriganga.

‘Removal of Hazaribagh tannery cut Buriganga pollution by 40%’

A good number of participants joined the programme. Some use modest technology and machinery, but most operate as they did decades ago and release untreated toxic chemical waste near residential areas.

The minister came hxzaribagh with the claim at a road march programme starting from Bahadur Shah Park to Sadarghat on Saturday to mark the World Rivers Day which is set to be observed on Sunday.