Brother Burhan i comited a sin gunah-e- kabira i will say i had hurt an human feeling let me very clear to you brother. I had an affair with a girl and we want to get. Some of the Major Sins (Gunah-e-Kabira). “And if anyone earns sin, he earns it against his own soul: for God is full of knowledge and wisdom.” (Holy Qur’an. Certain Greater Sins (Gunah al-kabira) render the good deeds void, the details of .. and misery that he is experiencing, may become the cause for him to re-.

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I had an affair with a girl and we want to get – Islamhelpline

Do not guhah a Small thing insignificant. Turns to Allah and seeks forgiveness, before he has met with his appointment of death. If we deliberately reject the rules of Islam, we gunqh a sin, and we actually are harming ourselves in one way or another.

In the due course each companion brought a small quantity of sticks and put them before Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. Apparently, the main idea of this Hadith of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir as is that no act, whether good or bad, and no person should ever be undervalued. Most of the ingredients are even organic; the best organic flour, the best free-range eggs, the best organic sugar, premium vanilla and chocolate.

He has hidden His wrath in His disobedience; thus never underestimate a sin, lest that very sin accompanies his ultimate wrath. For example killing, drinking alcohol, stealing and not praying with intention and without excuse. Accordingly, Imam Muhammad al-Baqir as has said: Makes a solemn covenant and promise with Allah that he will not repeat his sin again.


Accordingly, Imam Muhammad al-Baqir as has said:. Major sins have a very bad effect for a long time spiritually and bodily for the community, the society, and the self. Whatever deeds one might have done in ones past, if one turns to Allah Subhanah in sincere Taubah and seeks forgiveness, Allah Subhanah has promised in the Holy Quran that He will forgive all the sins of such a repentant believer, even if one has committed the gravest sin of all: When the ignorant people behave insolently towards them, they say, Peace to you; And those who pass their nights in prostrating themselves and standing before their Lord and pray, O our Lord, save us from the torment of Hell, for its torment is killing!

Return to your Lord and submit to Him before the scourge overtakes you; for then you may get no help from anywhere. Then their father said, before you eat, I want to tell you something: The amount of dog poop is very small compared to the rest of the ingredients.

You’ve tortured us by making us smell those brownies cooking for the last half hour, and now you tell us that you added dog poop! Your brother and well wisher in Islam.

As they sulked, they were surprised to hear the sounds of their father preparing something in the kitchen. The amount of the portion is practically insignificant.

In fact, one who repents and does righteous deeds, returns to Allah as one rightly should!

Two men came to Imam Jafar As-Sadiq as and said that they would like to do Tawbah ask for forgiveness guunah put right for their sins. It won’t hurt you. Verily if any of you did evil in ignorance, and thereafter repented and amended his conductLo! It’s been cooked right along with the other ingredients. Even the movie review websites say that! The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality.


Imam Jafar As-Sadiq as told the first man to pick one small pebble for each small sin Gunah-e-Saghira ksbira he had committed.

There may be some grammatical and spelling errors in the above statement. We pray that Allah SWT will not lead us unto temptation, so how can we in good conscience entertain ourselves with something that will imprint a sinful image in our minds that will lead us into temptation long after we first see it?

Our 1st Imam, Imam Ali a has said that the biggest sin that a person does is the one that he considers the smallest. To understand the importance of these small and minimal sins, let’s read the following illustration.

Major Sins (Gunah-e-Kabira)

Gunah-e- saghira minor sins have a minor effect on our self, our society and spiritually, for example, if you speak about someone without the intention of gossiping or hurting that person, or if you miss your prayers because you accidentally forgot or overslept. If you are indeed sincere in seeking repentance and subsequently amend your conduct, it is expected that you will find your Lord Forgiving and Merciful. But you needn’t worry, because I only added the tiniest bit of that ingredient to your brownies.

Holy Prophet Muhammad saw said: