Manuals and User Guides for Zoom gtt. We have 2 Zoom gtt manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual, Operation Manual. Features Thank you for selecting the ZOOM Gtt (simply called the ” Gtt ” in this manual). The Gtt is a sophisticated Multi Effect Processor with the. Documents, presets, manuals Zoom Gtt – Audiofanzine.

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To use the tuner, the G9. Adjusts the treble attenuation Adjusts the level of the effect PitchShift Higher setting values result in a of the delay sound. Select “Open folder to view files”. Warm sound with a strong presence provides a This patch simulates the manuwl auto wah sound of Stevie Salas. In play mode, press the [AMP Store Channel B gives a heavily distorted Marshall sound.

Shake the earth with your This patch produces a sound like bubbles forming under water. Simply disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Channel A is manuak Marshall crunch sound. This function is not included in this modeling program but you can approximate the connecting a guitar with a high-output pickup such as a Les Paul. Channel 3 high gain sound of the Diezel Herbert amp.

Connect a Stratocaster and bend the third string near the 14th fret. mannual


Press function foot switch 2 to turn the booster on and get that great tone for lead play. When patch data are received, all existing patch data in the G9. Channel A is a clean sound suitable for arpeggios. If 15 fully down. Selecting a patch play mode Immediately after power-on, the unit will be in play mode. When the Adjusts the level of the Adjusts the signal level after Adjusts the signal level after Adjusts the modulation depth.


If you want to produce clean guitar sound via a line input, excessive bass may make than with any stomp box, and loud volume will not cause the sound to become unpleasant. To return to play mode, Accelerator section on the panel.

To keep separate parameter settings for the two Parameter knob 1 numerals: The beautiful ambience creates a Jazzy feel. Recovering The Factory Default Use a monaural shielded Patch switching and 3. In particular, check for resident software and other utilities. The VST inputs window appears. MIDI sent repeatedly to the source G9. Mix Recommended settings for major guitar amps Simulates the sound of guitar magician Brian May who created the dramatic allure of Queen.

Getting Connected Refer to the examples shown below when making connections.

This amplifier has a many rock guitarists. Moving the Z-pedal in the vertical direction gives a 1-octave higher pitch change, and the This patch is modeled on the clean tone of the Hiwatt Custom with its lively midrange. This makes it possible to use the G9.

Do not use abrasive cleanser, wax, or solvents such as paint thinner or cleaning alcoholsince Assigning control targets to expression REVERB module When the button is not grayed out and has changed to “USB Audio Make sure that the “Empty” template is selected, and from [ ] to [ ], the track is active as a stereo track. You should always turn off the power to the G9. Also make sure to Power-On When you connect this unit for the first 9g.2tt to manuap computer running Continued overleaf Windows Vista, a message saying “New Hardware Found” will appear.

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Operation Manual ZOOM Gtt 2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS | Henrique Henriqued –

The new project window appears. Don’t show me this message again. Such as those of the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Channel A contains a variation g9.22tt reduced drive. Mix u7 -1 v7 -1 Simulates the lead tone of super guitarist Joe Satriani. That sweet and drawn out Santana u7 -3 v7 -3 lead tone is simulated by this patch.

Patch memory User area: Effect below, after effect types. Assigning Control Targets To Expression Pedal 1 Using the Expression Pedals Assigning control targets to expression pedal 1 This section describes how to assign a control target to expression pedal 1.

Crunch sound of mabual Fender Tweed Deluxe ‘ When the pedal is fully vertical direction P2V1 to P2V4 and four turned to the right, pushing it strongly down, hitting control targets in the horizontal direction P2H1 it, or otherwise exerting strong force on it will to P2H4. Turn parameter knob manusl to select the PDL1: In edit mode, the The external effect send level and return level and the G9.

Zoom g9.2tt Service Manual

It has four control targets in the Expression pedal 2 of the G9. Delay This is a long delay with a maximum setting of ms.

Effect parameters are described below, after effect types.