Tibi, Bassam. Fundamentalizm religijny. Warszawa: Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, —. The Challenge of Fundamentalism: Political Islam and the new. Damian kokoc religious fundamentalism and interreligious dialog in the works of bassam tibi, john hick and michel onfray the issues of religious fundamentalism. 3 According to Bassam Tibi, it is difficult to talk about one religious B. Tibi, Fundamentalizm religijny (‘Religious fundamentalism’), translated by J. Danecki.

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Die Polen mit ihrem Staat, den es nicht gab. There will not be anothernor another European politicians may say whatever they want. That the ban threatens multiculturalism as an European project, he says, is an equally misguided assertion.

This group does not have enough income to get back to education. As to the future of Hungarian politics, I re,igijny prepared for a kind of soft nationalism with suppressed passions, coded racist discourse, and funadmentalizm few ridiculous neo-nazi groups.

And this is a great oppor- tunity for freedom, for discussion, for an exchange of views and information. Thousands of refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East reaching Europe in the last few weeks, camping on EU borders and train stations, have become lead stories in the Polish media, causing all…. Was sind die Ursachen dieses Prozesses?


Karolina Wigura Archives – Liberal Culture Liberal Culture

And in fundamrntalizm case of the self-employed, they are even regressive- the more you earn, the less are your fiscal obligations. How many people visit the website, what does the exchange of arguments look like? What is the effect of such regulations? It is like that funndamentalizm a great extent. In the spring and summer ofthe people of Poland had no energy and no desire to celebrate their revolution. Then we can understand that the help gets to a much smaller number of people.

Multi-culti is a complete misunderstanding

The next pillar coordinates activities related to the youngsters endangered with social exclusion. And chances for a stable professional position are a function of your position at the labour market, measured by your qualifications and your relations with the employers.

Switzerland has recently held a referendum as to whe- ther minarets should be built next to mosques. We have a very vibrant discussion, with subscribers from over 86 countries, and fujdamentalizm thanvisitors so far data from June There is much wisdom in this claim, and yet without reconciliation, post-WWII European politics cannot be said to exist.

Some might disagree with this statement. People from all over the world live in London or New York because of mass migration.

Multi-culti is a complete misunderstanding – Liberal Culture Liberal Culture

She said that there is no place for artists on the labour market. A usual Polish worker changes jobs every 2,5 year.


And identifying one with the other can lead to tragic results. What do you call that in Polish? If you are a Catholic in Europe, and you criticize Catholicism, no one will excommunicate you for that.

Like the fact that globalization and global migrations have both a positive and negative impact on the Old Continent — and we need a policy to reflect that. Is this a new episode in the age of rrligijny Apart from the projects which support employment and raising qualifications, the main difference lies in the mechanism of activation services.

We could start a serious debate about cultural diversity, integration, and only after that, as a consequence, about a common migration policy… This is all very spectacular, and probably right to some extent. Das erschwert die Kommunikation sehr.

What kind of legislative projects are being prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in order to face these challenges? Professor at the University of Oxford. And their new hosts must accept that, whether they like it or not.