Tibi, Bassam. Fundamentalizm religijny. Warszawa: Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, —. The Challenge of Fundamentalism: Political Islam and the new. Damian kokoc religious fundamentalism and interreligious dialog in the works of bassam tibi, john hick and michel onfray the issues of religious fundamentalism. 3 According to Bassam Tibi, it is difficult to talk about one religious B. Tibi, Fundamentalizm religijny (‘Religious fundamentalism’), translated by J. Danecki.

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It is up to us, and the hard work we put in, what that win will amount to. We need more thinking of this kind at universities.

If this happened in Europe, I can expect from you to honour European standards. And they constitute the major problem of the jobcentres- assuming that they will register, because this does not happen that often. The debate about the recently ended year period of Polish history is becoming enlivened by the voices of critics of modernity.

If not universal liberalism, what then? And there were only 1, translations of foreign literature into Arabic for those million! The financial crisis is also a crisis of young Europeans.

Multi-culti is a complete misunderstanding

Ich muss sagen, ihre Diagnose ist aus der polnischen Perspektive nur schwer zu akzeptieren, da in Polen die marktwirtschaftliche Reformen schnell den demokratischen Durchbruch zur Folge hatten… In Wirklichkeit haben bis nur wenige Leute geglaubt, dass eine Gesellschaft sowohl kapitalistisch als auch demokratisch sein kann.

Telling people that religiiny is not important and that they want to change jobs frequently is an ideology without any empirical support. Simplifying somewhat, it can relihijny defined as: Das ist nicht das erste Mal.

Assimilation would mean that during my years in Germany, I would have to abandon the whole lifestyle and worldview brought from Syria in order to become a European.


These are the most expensive classes. The question is to what extent should that be regulated by the state, by law. Besides, not only the market changes, some degrees are more or less popular at a given moment.

We engage in dialogue with China and we say: It is obviously… MORE. Sloterdijk is a Romantic, if he claims that we are all migrants. I am against that.

It means that Arabs had no idea what was fundamenyalizm on abroad. Darunter waren heute vollkommen in Vergessenheit geratene Imperialismen, wie der belgische. Before I hand over to the panellists, I would like to add few more things, using my position as the moderator of this discussion.

Karolina Wigura Archives – Liberal Culture Liberal Culture

Poland remains,however, a very homogenous country. Nevertheless, I would like to shed some light on a potential asymmetry. And so on, and so forth. And if so, does it really have tii be… a democratic state? To show that a dialogue between the world of art and between the market is possible. Instead of stigmatizing immigrants, we should double efforts leading to awake their feeling of membership.

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The purpose of the government should be ensuring perspectives of a stable employment for the youth. The moderately anti-liberal, euroskeptic and racist attitudes of Hungarians who had been relatively tolerant of corruption, rule-bending and the like were offered a new Social Contract combining — to put it simply — Tbi Kadar with Miklos Horthy.

Obwohl sich die russische Wirtschaft in den letzten Jahren in einem guten Tempo entwickelt und der durchschnittliche Lebensstandard gestiegen ist, ist das aktuelle wirtschaftliche und politische System nicht aufrecht zu erhalten.

The Poles have become so well-off, and got their brains so deeply fixated on EU financial support, that they have completely forgotten where they themselves were 25 years ago.

You will have it worse!

With the experience of more than a hundred running firms, we can see that the brave and young peoplecan, and are willing to, think innovatively. Europa ist das Ergebnis einer Explosion, es ist ein Club der besiegten Imperien. We cannot, however, project historical schemes onto the present.


Poles, on the other hand, ask what we Ukrainians are like. Und genau diese Situation haben wir heute in Europa. A European — this means a person who is blind to religion or ethnic background. I was discussing such an understanding of liberalism, both classic and modern at the same time, with Ralf Dahrendorf, who was my long-time friend until his death in We can ban the veil but we cannot ban the emotions it symbolises.

The academic entrepreneurship program should change Polish universities, but also develop new, more responsible approaches of the students and academics. It means that Arabs had tii idea what was going on abroad.

Ich nenne das den Mythos der zweiten Chance. The shootings in Paris and the massive reaction of the Basssam people reached unknown dimensions in a European post context. Wearing the burqa, Roy argues, is an individual decision, made by a small group of well-educated and by no means submissive women. It is worth giving it some thought, remembering at the same time that, rdligijny quarter of a century ago, we all won. We know very well that it is exactly the way in which totalitarian states functioned: People of the Old Continent got a second chance in A lot of it is just flag waving which really disguises the desire of uncompetitive industries and groups to… MORE.