Robert J. Sawyer is the Aurora Award-winning author of FlashForward, basis for the ABC TV series, the Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids, and the. Robert J. Sawyer is a Canadian science-fiction writer and author of Flash Forward, the novel on which the television series of the same name is based. He wrote. Lloyd is very disturbed; he’s due to wed the beautiful Michiko—her daughter died in the Flashforward—but his vision showed him happily.

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Novels by Robert J.

Robert J. Sawyer

Did the flashfoward push them together sooner? I particularly liked that he didn’t start out the way so many of these stories that have a large cast of characters do, by introducing us to each backstory before getting to the meat of the adventure.

More than the TV show but in a much different way.

Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 23,to be precise. Flashfkrward read the entire book in 2 sittings, and really didn’t want to put it down after the first, partly out of curiosity, partly because it flaahforward flowing so nicely that I didn’t want to break the rhythm. Everything has a sound, so make sure to get those details in there. View all 4 comments. Do yourself a favor and skip the reading part.

Even though humanity had no choice in seeing thier future, they still had a choice on how they would decide to live thier lives. Other characters rush to make these futures a reality. A lot of it really went over my head, because paragraph upon paragraph was dedicated to characters talking about physics and space and space-time and particles and neutrinos and This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat It was a bit of a let down.


Or is everything preordained? The only people I hear talking about “politically correctness” are usually complaining about being “forced” to use polite terms.

Sawer 06, TK rated it really liked it Shelves: Humbug, I tell you! Now the book – this too follows similar lines but suddenly not only are you dealing with different characters but also a different location.

Were they destined to meet? After turning on the Large Hadron Collider, the flash forward occurs. His partner, a twenty-seven year old Greek called Theo, had no vision at all.

I wanted to see how the future would really turn out. The show was action and thrills. Getting past all the physics theories and extended descriptions, the idea behind the story is flashgorward.

Likewise, the characters are fairly simplistic, and while I admire Sawyer’s efforts to make a multi-national story peopled with multi-national characters, his ability to capture said people in all their culturally different ways is a bit lacking. To be a really successful ideas-driven science fiction flashforwxrd, you need to tell a bloody good story with unforgettable characters through which the ideas come across more subtly.

There is a lot of heavy science in this book but, for me, As with quite a few people my first introduction to this book came through the show based on it. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. From what I’ve seen flashforwatd reviews of his other books, this is something he does often. Excellent premise for a book flashforwrad you ask me.


Lloyd firmly disbelieves in free will, which comes in handy because it removes his sense of guilt over the death of Michiko’s little girl — it was his experiment, and the idea of fault hangs over his head.

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Normally, I’m really not a fan of stories where the complexities of time travel are explored in painstaking detail, but I’m not a fan of stories which completely gloss over the complexities of time travel I’m looking at you, Tempest. That being said, the book was okay.

THEN we get to the future and it’s all wrapped up in a paragraph or 3. His copious asides were completely distracting, sharing with the reader such salient things as: For me, it certainly didn’t end the way I wanted it to.