The story of Egil Skallagrimsson, the son of bald (”skalla”) Grimr, he was a real person, the details of his life come to us from saga and song. We mainly know of Egil through an Icelandic saga bearing his name, Egil’s Saga, again one of the very finest of the sagas. His family, like very many described. Egil’s Saga (listen) is an Icelandic saga. The oldest transcript (a fragment) dates back to AD. The saga is centered on the life of Egill Skallagrímsson, also.

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One of the first negative poems in Egil’s Saga is a threatening poem in chapter 27 that displays Skallagrim’s power after he had just plundered a ship egik killed many men. And where Bjorn’s party had their booths is still called Bjorn’s home-field.

Later he gouged out Armod’s eye with his finger, leaving it hanging on his cheek ch. Without such an aide, the reader is likely to miss many implied connections and motivations, as well as muddling together similar-sounding or identical names of saba different characters. They told Skallagrim of his father’s death, and how Kveldulf had come to land there, and they had buried him.

Brides are traded by fathers to prospective grooms for a price. Skallagrim asked who they were. Pages with related products. It includes examples of Norse poetry, the proper behavior of warriors, and so many “look and feel” details of Viking-age life that it is impossible for me to rate this highly enough. But when Kveldulf with his men came to the gangway-end, he went out by the stern gangway, while Skallagrim went forward to the other gangway.


Egil Skallagrimsson and the Viking Ideal

There they heard that king Harold was in Vik, meaning in the summer to go into Upland. Then Aulvir went away first, and returned to the king. The wind was then somewhat slack, and their voyage slower, but nothing happened till they sailed northwards over the Sogn-sea, having now a good wind and bright weather, and being in merry mood.

Oct 03, Larissa rated it really liked it.

Then Thorir paid out of hand such property in his house as belonged to Thora; and thereafter Thorir and Bjorn were good brothers-in-law and friends. I would caution that the saga swings akallagrimsson and forth through large histories in a short amount of time, and while there are several moments of clear char Four stars.

SFH03 Egil Skallagrimsson

Amazon has, from time to time, attached my old review of the earliest translation of “Egil’s Saga,” with comments on the later ones, to those other translations, blocking me from individually reviewing many of the others. Kveldulf had in his hand a battle-axe; but when he got on board, he bade his men go along the outer way by the gunwale and cut the tent from its forks, while he himself rushed aft to the stern-castle. On hearing of his death, the king summoned Hallvard Hardfarer and his brother, and told them to go on sags message for him eastwards skallagrinsson Vik, he being then at Throndheim.

But when they paid it the king himself was present and saw. The character of Egil is complex and full of seeming contradictions. The king answered and said skallgarimsson he would not again accept entertainment from Thorolf; so Thorolf went out, and made egkl to return home. That might be some scandalous Jeremy Kyle shit these days, but years ago it was just the done thing, especially in a small Icelandic community. Get fast, skallagrmsson shipping with Amazon Prime.


Bard went home to his estate, and at once became a great chief; but Hildirida’s sons got no more of the heritage than before. King Harold was at Hlada when the brothers went away. Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

Egil is in reality egkl man of many virtues which are central to his character. Wanted to read the text for myself. Please try again later. And when the king knew that Bard’s errand was urgent, he allowed him to go home. It seems wonderful to me, father, in a man so wise and ambitious as thou art, that thou wouldst not thankfully take the dignity which the king offered thee.

Egil’s saga (13th century)

And this is to tell of his journey, that late in the evening he came to Swan-ness, when men sat there a-drinking. He remains a national hero in Iceland, with statues and even beers named after him.

I’ve now done some extended editing, and included additional information, so it should be more useful — and certainly fairer to the translators. Thorolf came down from the fell to Vefsnir; then went first to his farm at Sandness, stayed skallatrimsson awhile, and in spring went with his men north to Torgar. Poetry swga used to establish a person’s reputation for good or evil, and a great poem could make its characters immortal. Yngvar accepted this offer.

My one complaint about Fell’s translation is that most chapters are presented in solid blocks of prose, with paragraphs breaks only in a few.