Distracted. Lisa Loomer. Author bio(s). ISBN: Full Length Everyone is distracted, even the actors—they’re breaking character! A hilarious. Distracted, the new socially conscious dramedy from Lisa Loomer now receiving its world premiere at the Mark Taper Forum, is largely about. In a narrow sense, Lisa Loomer’s “Distracted” is about a married It was as if he had stepped out of Loomer’s script, a living illustration of her.

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In these moments the play demonstrated its strength: Karnes “breaking character” to go on distgacted record about how much Ritalin has helped. Return to Book Page. Jan 03, Michael rated it really liked it. In a meeting with his parents, his teacher Michelle Dowd spells out the disruptions he causes in school.

The interactive set allowed the characters to move quickly and effectively through the space, shifting from the scriot of televisions to the simplicity of a suburban kitchen by moving a few panels.

No one with any sort of mental disorder 1 in 4 or more American adults will enjoy this loomet. Refresh and try again.

Loomer’s play, and Leonard Foglia’s production of it, was as overstimulated and hyperactive as its young protagonist. A psychiatrist prescribes Ritalin for Jesse, but surely a pill can’t solve all of his problems.

The second reviewer said that it tries to appeal to a younger audience. The end of this play seems to imply that attention and love from two caring parents is enough to solve any problems caused by mental illness which is empirically not the case. As in these earlier dramas, Loomer blends Brechtian staging techniques with American realism in order to playfully comment on the psychological and social impact of conventional medical wisdom and, in doing so, has created a drama with ADD Attention-Deficit Disorder as her subject.

It also creates some shallow and somewhat stereotypical characters- the pro-pill popping neighbor, the homeopathic doctor who thinks cutting out wheat will cure ADHD, the exhausted teacher who just wants the kid to sit still at any cost, and the dad who insists ‘boys will be boys. A hilarious, provocative, and poignant look at a modern family and an epidemic dilemma: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.


Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The audience entered to a wall of television monitors—channels surfing at random—showing news, sports, popular programs, and so on that were growing progressively louder and faster.

Optional Materials Cast Recordings. Distracted Acting Edition for Theater Productions. However, there is one obvious one, which becomes clear if not a little pat at the end of the show. The ending of the play kind of just “happens” not a lot gets resolved but ends on a little hopeful note.

The play feels overstuffed, as if Loomer herself fell victim to the perils of multitasking or took the notion of content dictating form a bit too literally.

Throughout, Jesse is an offstage voice, becoming louder and angrier, but he is in danger of fading away.

Book annotation not available for this title. This guy needs to speak for himself. Tagged in this Story. But Loomer has broader satiric points to make about a more generalized form of cultural ADD, one that stems from our fixation on the large screens that surround us at home or work and the smaller screens that we carry around with us.

Like The Waiting Roomwhich exposed the health problems resulting from the long-standing collusion of the medical community in forcing women to change their bodies to fit male notions of female beauty, Distracted engages the medical community and its complex role in our lives—and illustrates that the solution is sometimes worse than the problem.

Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Lists with This Book. The designs likewise blended the theatricality of Brecht with an impulse toward naturalism, while threatening to overwhelm the viewer with stimuli. Theres also a notable amount of swearing, although not that much and theres a scene where parents have sex scdipt enough to wake up their nine year old son and the mom makes a joke about blowjobs.


Sean Pollock rated it it was amazing Apr 23, Everyone is distracted, even the actors—they’re breaking character! I think that in the context of the play, nothing would have helped her.

Distracted – Acting Edition

Dramatist’s Play Service Publication Date: The school wants the parents to medicate him and the rest is about all the things his parents are trying to do to help him and how it affects him, and the parents debating whether what they’re doing is really the right thing to do, to medicate their child to fit into a system that is unforgiving, to drug him so he lives up to standards that are high and unfair. Loomer has fun with our tendency to offer off-the-cuff diagnoses, armed with the therapeutic vocabulary that is now part of the mother tongue.

Nicole rated it really liked it Nov 19, It’s implied that the panic attack he has about the fire drill is a direct result of the drugs and not part of his condition that was heightened by them, as the doctor explains is common.

The loudest cry of all may be the one that finally reaches over the din of cell phones and commercials and boom boxes: Foglia presented Brechtian fourth-wall-breaking side by side with television [End Page ] style naturalism. Resources Author Bios Book Club! Emily rated it it was amazing Oct 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Denise Villarreal rated it really liked it Jan 21, Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with loojer, publishers, and scholars worldwide.