Nine disparate but interconnected tales (and a short coda) in Mitchell’s Ghostwritten. David Mitchell, Author Random House (NY) $ (p) ISBN. The subway train in Tokyo was as crammed as a cattlewagon. Crammed with organs, wrapped in meat, wrapped in clothes. Silent and sweaty. I was half-afraid . Nicholas Blincoe on a haunting new voice: David Mitchell, in his debut book Ghostwritten.

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A young jazz buff in Tokyo. A crooked British lawyer in Hong Kong. A disc jockey in Manhattan. A physicist in Ireland. An elderly woman running a tea shack in rural China. A cult-controlled terrorist in Okinawa.

Inside every psychopath is a jazz buff trying to get out

A musician in London. A fhostwritten spirit in Mongolia. What is the common thread of coincidence or destiny that connects the lives of these nine souls in nine far-flung countries, stretching across the globe from east to west? What pattern do their linked fates form through time and space? A writer of pyrotechnic virtuosity and profound compassion, a mind to which nothing human is alien, David Mitchell spins genres, cultures, and ideas like gossamer threads around and through these nine linked stories.

Many forces bind these lives, but at root mitfhell involve the same universal longing for connection and transcendence, an axis of commonality that leads in two directions—to creation and to destruction. In the end, as lives converge with a fearful symmetry, Ghostwritten comes full circle, to a point at which a familiar idea—that guostwritten the planet is vast or small is merely a matter of perspective—strikes home with the force of a new revelation.

It marks the debut of a writer of astonishing gifts.

Leia mais Leia menos. Comece a ler Ghostwritten English Edition no seu Kindle em menos de um minuto.

Detalhes do produto Capa comum: Reprint 9 de outubro de Idioma: Oblivious to the bizarre ways in which their lives intersect, nine characters-a terrorist in Okinawa, a record-shop clerk in Tokyo, a money-laundering British financier in Hong Kong, an old woman running mitcheol tea shack in China, a transmigrating “noncorpum” entity seeking a human host in Mongolia, a gallery-attendant-cum-art-thief in Petersburg, a drummer in London, a female physicist in Ireland, and a radio deejay in New York-hurtle toward a shared destiny of astonishing impact.

Like the book’s one non-human narrator, Mitchell latches onto his host characters and invades their lives ghostwrittenn parasitic precision, ghostwrittn Ghostwritten a sprawling and brilliant literary relief map of the modern world. The result is a dazzling piece of work.

Spirit that speaks | Books | The Guardian

His nine characters and their random but fateful interactions provide a playful, suspenseful foray into our ever-shrinking world.

In an era in which much literary fiction is characterized by unearned ironies and glib cynicism, it’s hard not to be impressed by the humanism that animates Mitchell’s book Worth a dozen of the morally anorexic novels that regularly come down the pipe. A novel that wends from Okinawa to Mongolia to Petersburg, as well as visiting the more traditional literary haunts of London and New York, has to be commended ghostwgitten its geographical audacity alone.


It takes time to figure together the disparate pieces, but patience in this case pays off handsomely. Once assembled, the story hums with significance The assurance and panache are truly remarkable This is a remarkable novel by a young writer of remarkable talent. I read a proof of this on a transatlantic flight. When I got off in Atlanta, I couldn’t put it down. I pulled my luggage in one hand along corridors and escalators, and held David Mitchell’s last chapter up to my nose with the other.

I finished advid the carousel. And it’s even better the second time.

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All my ideas are the same old scam: Disbelieving the reality under your feet gives you a licence to print your own. Todavia, Ghostwritten foi escrito por Mitchell, e nele podemos confiar. Mitchell enveredou por um caminho que eu admiro: I pulled a copy of Ghostwritten off a shelf one rainy day in while I was wandering around a Barnes and Noble, waiting for a friend. I was engrossed in the story from the very first line. Now it seems like fate, which is thematically appropriate for a novel like Ghostwritten.

If you’re not familiar ghostwrittten David Mitchell, or if you’re only familiar with his more well-known books like Cloud Atlas, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy mitchell Ghostwritten.

Quick Rules:

Not only does it feature some of Mitchell’s most beautiful writing, but it’s criminally underrated in the Mitchell oeuvre. Maybe that’s because it’s his first novel, maybe it’s because he was an mithcell inbut whatever the reason, this book should not be slept on.

For me, it was the start of mitchelp a lifelong fan, and two decades later some of the novel’s phrases and descriptive language still rattle around my head.

Although Michell re-read it several times ghostwrithen these past 17 years. Like most Mitchell novels, Ghostwritten isn’t easy to summarize. Like Cloud Atlas, there’s a theme of connectedness, but that’s just one among many themes underpinning the narrative. What I can say is that it’s a lot of fun and it’s a joy to read.

There are others, but I don’t want to spoil anything, and besides — half the fun is spotting them for yourself! After reading some of David Mitchell’s more recent books he has become one of my favorite authors. Wanting more, I decided to go back to his first novel, Ghostwritten.

Somewhat to my surprise I found a novel that in many ways is the equal of his later works– and has even further elevated my opinion of Mitchell’s talents as a novelist. It has the detailed character development of his later novels, and the ability to get inside the head of a varied range of narrators. Like Cloud Atlas, the structure is innovative and uses a series of narratives that initially seem disparate, but gradually begin to weave together to form an expansive web.


The prose is beautiful. And like Cloud Atlas and Bone Clocks, Mitchell uses the novel to explore our species’ destructive tendencies toward our environment and our fellow humans, as well as the impulse to care for others and the ensuing conflicts.

There are also characters in Ghostwritten that will reappear in other books, and give a broader view of Mitchell’s literary world.

I’ve read all of Mitchell’s novels except for number9dream, so it is a little strange to review this author’s debut novel from the perspective of one who has already read his later and unarguably better works. As a debut fhostwritten, this is an incredible work and one that foreshadows many of the motifs, locales, and stylistic quirks that make Mitchell one of my favorite living authors.

At the same time, Mitchell’s immaturity comes through both in terms of style and substance throughout the book. Ghostwritteb way Mitchell links the stories ghostwwritten more awkward and often less thematically-related than the way he is able to do in works such as Cloud Atlas or The Bone Clocks, his style is more derivative at times the first two stories and the last felt like Mitchell was “ghostwriting” for Murakami Haruki, right down to the young man with the twin obsessions of jazz and enigmatic women, and the concern with the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subwaythe characters are less well developed and occasionally veer into the annoying–I’d rather face the end of the world in silence than listen to another word from Bat Segundo, quite franklyand the story is much more reliant on dialogue to move the plot forward compared to his later, richer prose style.

That said, there are many things to like as well. Some stories were particularly gripping–in general, I found the stories through “Mongolia” to be especially engaging and diverse–as Mitchell touches on a number of themes he’ll explore in greater depth in his later works: So, in the end, for someone who is new to Mitchell this book likely will be an exciting revelation.

If you’ve read some of his other works, you might end up slightly disappointed compared to works such as Cloud Atlas, which I’d consider to be his masterpiece. I’ll have to get around to number9dream, and then I’ll just have to wait for whenever Mitchell comes out with a new story. But, overall, this is a good book and Michell glad I had the chance to read where it all begins for this talented author.

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