tratamentos pré-germinativos e inoculação micorrízica. O cultivo de maracujazeiro roxo tem aumentado na. Colômbia, como resultado direto. Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f edited by John Ocampo Pérez, Kris A. G. Wyckhuys. About this book. Ecofisiología del cultivo de la Gulupa: passiflora edulis sims. Front Cover. Univ. Nacional de Colombia, – pages.

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Grupo Editorial Iberoamericana S. Apoidaewith examples from Colombia. Competition for nectar between honey bees and native North American bees and ants. Pollination and fruit set in the yellow passion fruit. Growth dynamics, fruit development, tropical fruits, Passifloraceae.

In accordance with the results of the current study, Shiomi et al. This concept is based on the notion that in order to shift from one growing stage to another, plants need to accumulate minimum amounts of temperature. Poscosecha de la Gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims. Mangosteen to white sapote.

In consonance with Fischer et al. In this respect, Shiomi et al. En este trabajo consideramos visitantes de P. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f …

Otras tres especies B. In studying mango varieties “Manila” and “Ataulfo”, Ornelas et al. Besides, they observed that this color change is not related to fruit juice color. Based on the model adjusted to fruit growth, it is possible to foresee that harvest can be scheduled on days 85 – 90 after an abundant flowering, since the equatorial and polar diameters and dry weight tended to stabilize.


The studied parameters were satisfactorily explained by Weber’s E model. Two regression models were fitted to estimate carotenoid content: In addition, they found that fresh, commercial fruit and juice are mainly featured by z -carotene and b -carotene, the latter contributing to vitamin A content.

Updated brazilian database on food carotenoids: Osbeckpapaya Carica papaya L. In this context, the current research sought to establish carotenoid content evolution as related to fruit age and color changes. Purple color acquisition starts at 80 DAF in the case of fruits maturing on the vine, and around 70 DAF for fruits maturing on the vine Shiomi et al.

This parameter addresses dry weight increment per initial weight unit along a given time period. For its part, carotenoid content analysis started at 49 DAF. Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos; e Seeking to predict carotenoid behavior in tomato Lycopersicum esculentum MillZapata et colombis.

cultivo de la gulupa en colombia pdf – PDF Files

Some of food quality attributes are color, texture and flavor. They attributed this change to chlorophyll degradation, which is associated to the appearance of pigments, mostly carotenoids. Growth, development and maturation of the purple Passiflora edulis Sims. The following variables were recorded: These fruits have a short shelf life, during culhivo they undergo a rapid deterioration of their physiological activity, which, in turn, affects their quality.

Polar PD and equatorial ED diameters. According to Slaughternon-destructive fruit quality assessment currently covers diverse attributes like aroma, color, glupa, firmness, form, size and specific gravity. RGR was used to limit and describe the different fruit growth stages, whereas TT was employed as a complementary measure to compare fruit ripening ciltivo. TacsoniaRatheaManicata y Distephana.


Services on Demand Article. An important contribution to the development of this crop is fruit growth mathematical modeling, which allows estimating harvest related issues, in order to define applicable agronomic management protocols.

It was deduced through the following equation: Landscape effects on crop pollination services: En el C1 se encontraron siete especies y en el C2, 18 Tabla 4. In addition to previous reports by Zapata et al. It was deduced through the following equation:. Colombia, Passiflora edulis f. For each response, the best fitting model was chosen according to homogeneous distribution of residuals, higher coefficient of determination for prediction R 2 predictionand smaller Mean Square Error and PRESS values.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f – Google Books

A comparison of two pollinators: En Ocampo J, Wyckhuys K. Each sampling consisted in ten randomly chosen fruits. Two regression models were adjusted to estimate carotenoid content: The precipitate was extracted with 5 mL of cold acetone and then processed again through the same protocol. Presentado el 5 cultuvo marzo deaceptado el 9 de mayo decorrecciones e 7 de mayo de