Obtenção de inseticida e fungicida contra formigas cortadeiras e seu fungo de coordenação com metais de compostos ativos para controle desta praga. Nanopartículas poliméricas associadas ao controle de formigas cortadeiras e busca de novas substâncias naturais com atividade antitumoral. No Thumbnail. Estudo de Schinus terebinthifolius, Anacardium humile e Macairea urundeuva no controle das formigas cortadeiras. No Thumbnail [%x80].

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Phytochemical investigations from active extracts and fractions have allowed to isolate 23 compounds 3 newincluding sterols, coumarins, phenolic compounds, oxazol derivative, flavonoids and limonoids. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Higher efficiency was obtained for A.

Entretanto, a literatura cita que, potencialmente, M. The efficiency of this granulated bait, applied in a systematic manner, varied with the method and species of leaf-cutting ants. In this context, this work presents a phytochemical study of the species Schinus terebinthifolius, Anacardium humile e Macairea urundeuva and the insecticide and fungicide potential of the crude extracts, fractions and isolated compounds against the leaf-cutting ants, Atta sexdens rubropilosa, and its symbiotic fungus, Leucoagaricus gongylophorus.

Treatments consisted of applying a granulated bait with sulfluramide 0. Resumo Leaf-cutting ants are known by their strong power of to pulling down several vegetable crops and to cause economic lost to the agriculture.


Metadata Mostrar registro completo. Autor Cazal, Cristiane de Melo.

Fatores que dificultam o controle das formigas cortadeiras

Polymeric nanoparticles and bioassay-guided phytochemical investigation of Trichilia elegans e Trichilia catigua Meliaceae for the control of leaf-cutting ants Leaf-cutting ants are known as severe agricultural pests. A isca a granel foi aplicada com dosador-aplicador costal da marca Bombata.

Dr compound 3- 4′-hydroxyphenyl propenoic acid 4”-carboxyl -phenyl ester 14from T. A cluster analysis method for grouping means in the analysis of variance. Formigas cortadeiras e o seu controle. Mortality of colonies of leaf-cutting ants was evaluated 30 days after bait application. However, the continued use of these compounds leads to problems such as environmental contamination and then raising the needed of new strategies to control of leaf-cutting ants.

Revista Yvyraretan. In addition, a novel method was developed for the encapsulation of ricinine. In this context, this work involved the bioassay-guided study of T. However, non-target animals and environmental contamination are common problems and therefore new strategies to control these pests have been requested.

Formigas Cortadeiras – Venenos e controle orgânico | Pragas & Defensivos | Pinterest | Garden

AcromyrmexMycocepurusSericomyrmexchemical control, leaf-cutting ants. Besides these results, this study contributed to a project that has been developed coftadeiras the Natural Product Laboratory at UFSCar, which aims to evaluated the biological activity of several metal complexes with different metals and flavonoids to the control of several agriculture pests.

For both species A. Some features of this site may not work without it. Systematic control of leaf-cutting ants in areas with eucalyptus stands under minimum cultivation system.


JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Formicidae en areas de rebrote de Eucalyptus grandis com un sebo a base de sulfluramida.

Revista Colombiana de Entomologiav. Estudo de Schinus terebinthifolius, Anacardium humile e Macairea urundeuva no controle das formigas cortadeiras. The efficiency of a systematic application of baits against leaf-cutting ants was evaluated in a eucalypus plantation under a minimum cultivation system, in areas owned by Celulose Nipo-Brasileira S.

From the biological assays with leaf-cutting ants, it was found that several extracts showed insecticidal activity as a result cintrole the synergistic effect of their chemical composition. Several compounds have been proposed for their control such as organophosphorus, pyrethroids and sulfluramid insecticides. Controle de Acromyrmex subterraneus molestans Santschi Hymenoptera: Metadata Mostrar registro completo.

The solvent displacement technique adopted here showed to be very efficient for the preparation of nanoparticle formulations containing either xanthyletin or rauianin. Formicidaerespectively, was found per hectare. Finalmente, acredita-se que M. Services on Demand Journal.

Controle de Acromyrmex laticeps nigrosetosus Hymenoptera: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.