Contagious is a science fiction thriller novel by Scott Sigler. It is the sequel to Sigler’s Infected, and like its predecessor was released in both podcast and print . Read by Scott Sigler. ( stars; reviews). From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity’s secret battle against a. From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity’s secret battle against a horrific enemy. Across America.

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Infested ended up being one of my favorite novels of I know perfectly well that I could listen to the podcasts for his intergalactic sports novel, The Rookie, but I know I’m going to buy the hardcover sigller.

Contagious – Siglerpedia

This is a real danger, so much so that Australia has put an 18 year hiatus on xenotransplantation work. December 16, at 8: Sigler uses a limited omniscient narrator, which is great for giving each character a distinct voice.

Using a drug dealer metaphor, he gets you hooked with the free stuff first, then you can’t help but start spending money. I am pretty sure the publisher did not know I have come to a realization that Scott Sigler is one of the hardest working authors out there.

The deranged Scott Sigler has an awesome website filled with his trademark wit and wisdom on subjects ranging from Alf to Vikings, and populated with enthusiastic Sigler “junkies.

And the actions of the parasite were interesting thanks to Sigler’s skill at writing about technical stuff. Sigler comes up with some of the most gruesome situations I’ve read, and does so with a flair and elaboration that makes it far too easy to visualize contagiuos detail.


Just like the contatious two books, this book is set in Michigan. Fortunately, Contagious does not suffer the effects of “middle book syndrome. They were stopped once before.

The infection is tweaked and causes more trouble than before. This one was the same Well the whole team is back which I was happy to see. Trivia About Contagious Infec Listen as LonelyBob leads horror movie noob iMorpheus to his doom. Apr 20, Thomas Shaw rated it really liked it Shelves: The Jewel family receives some unexpected guests. The action continues to build a break neck speed and Mr. Aliens are invading Earth, spreading seeds that germinate on the human body and develop into blue Triangles.

He has the perfect blend of science and action to give his stories a realistic and terrifying feel.

Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Characters 2. The ultra-short chapters and casual tone help make it a fast read it took me a while to get through it only because I accidentally left it at home during a vacationand I liked that none of the characters come through this one sparkling clean; everyone makes tough decisions and gets some dirt under their fingernails. Sigler’s attempts at portraying Chelsea as precocious and simplifying her view of the world grated on me, and the new improved alien-overlord version of Chelsea isn’t any better.

Perry attempts to close in on Chelsea, but only minutes remain before her Angels begin pouring through the gate!



In fact, while I tolerated the narrator’s tone in InfectedI found myself rolling my eyes quite a bit this time around. Inspired by Your Browsing History. So easy to find shows to follow. I disagree with Sarah, in that I did “get” all the characters and felt it wasn’t necessary to have read the first book. It takes itself seriously and bathes heavily in manly-man bonding tropes, yay for militarism cliches, and rather dull gunplay and overdone technical descriptions.

This novel revolves around an alien invasion, but one unlike most we’ve encountered in past fiction. It is not so much a sequel as it is a continuation.

The “triangles” try a new strategy, and a cute little girl turns into an evil little monster. If this were a movie, its special effects budget would be on steroids. Exellent I gave the first book in the series five stars. Turns out, chicken scissors can be used with great effect in the hands — so to speak — of a writer like Scott.

The orbital issues orders to the hidden hatchlings and launches probe If you put all twelve of these high-resolution, printable posters together in the right order, you can see Perry’s final, doom-filled vision.