Click Here To Download: •Cerabar M PMC51, PMP51, PMP55 Datasheet. Pressure transmitter with metal sensor; With analog electronics or communication via. The Cerabar M is a pressure transmitter for measuring level and pressure. . 2) The equation does not apply for PMP51 and PMP55 with a 40 bar ( psi) or a. The Cerabar M is a pressure transmitter for measuring pressure and level. . 2) The equation does not apply for PMP51 and PMP55 with a 40 bar ( psi) or a.

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Views Symbols on the device Symbol Meaning Safety instructions Observe the safetyin the associated Operating Instructions. The entire safety function shall be checked after each change to the device as part of a safety function, e.

Failure to avoid this situation can result in minor or medium injury. The General Terms of Delivery.

UniLynx Indoor User Manual. IEC Where do the lambda values originate?

Cerabar M PMC51

Functions of the EDS The test must be carried out in such a way that it is proven that the protection equipment functions perfectly in interaction with all the components. If the device has assumed a fault condition, i. Warnings are displayed if the pressure is too high.


Are all screws firmly tightened? Carefully follow instructions pertaining to critical process situations and installation conditions from the Operating Instructions.

It has been updated several times with More information. Integrated operations Why do I need a handheld field communicator? Parameter name Measuring mode Calib.

The Honeywell Turboshield face shield range provides comfort for longer wear, easy visor exchange A range to be monitored for the “Pressure”, “Level” or “Flow” Deltabar only operating modes has been violated. PLC, limit signal transmitter, Start display at page:. Check the nameplate to determine whether the ordered device can be used for the intended application in the hazardous area.

In cases such as short-circuit, output currents can be 23 ma independent of the selected current value. Does the device comply with the measuring point specifications? Mineral-based, animal-based or vegetable-based lubricants cause the EPDM cover seal to swell and the transmitter to become leaky.

This Event Code provides a bit-wise mapping of the status of the flow meter with each More information. Set upper range value Desired pressure for upper range value is present at device.

Brief Operating Instructions Cerabar M PMC51, PMP51, PMP55 – PDF

Perform steps 5 to 7 outlined under proof-test 1. Does the LED on the electronic insert light up briefly? A Reference to graphic A , Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis. The General Terms of Delivery More information. Perform steps 1 to 4 outlined under recurrent test Compare the pressure measured value displayed to the pressure present and check the current output.


Endress Hauser AG

Eavesdropping viruses re-engineered to attack diseases Parkinson’s discovery could lead to new therapies Key melanoma protein identified Experts appointed to National Science and Technology Advisory Council. The device display can be rotated in 90 stages see diagram, steps Display pressure in psi, MPa, or More information.

If a pressure that is greater than the maximum permitted pressure is present at the device, the message “S” and “Warning” are output alternately. The documentation is provided with the device. The seal is not allowed to press against the process isolating diaphragm as this could affect the measurement result. Safety-related signal The safety-related signal is the 4 to 20 ma analog output signal. Mounting with temperature isolator See operating instructions.

The specifications from the Operating Instructions must not be exceeded. Introduction General information on functional safety SIL is available at: