The CATSI Act has similarities with the Corporations Act (Cth), which governs the operation of companies in Australia, but has been. Items 45 – 62 Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act Authoritative Version. – CC; In force – Latest Version; View Series. Key issues Technical Review of CATSI Act Brief summary of proposed changes published by ORIC – this does not address any specific.

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Before making a special cafsi decision, the Registrar has the discretionary powers to take into account a PBCs particular circumstances, such as its size, whether it is located in a regional or cwtsi area and its core business. This table will help you learn more about which laws might suit your organisation best. Skip to main content Skip to section navigation.

Modifications If the compiled law is modified by another law, the compiled law operates as modified but the modification does not amend the text of the law.

Meet our Native Title and Cultural Heritage team.

Becoming a corporation member Published: This determination provides an exemption to corporations who may be using an auditor or audit firm whose registration is not certain.

This fact sheet covers the business of directors’ meetings, how to call and prepare for a datsi, running the meeting and what to do after.

Registers of members and former members [ pdfkB].

Federal Register of Legislation – Australian Government

Vesting of property in corporation on registration Related party financial benefits A4 single page [ pdfkB] Related party financial benefits A3 spread [ pdfkB].

Becoming a corporation member A3 spread [ pdf1. The notes at the end of this compilation the endnotes include information about amending laws and the amendment history of provisions of the compiled law. In order to reduce the administrative burden on small corporations, reporting responsibilities for small corporations are less complex than those of larger ones. Increased flexibility and simplicity for corporations which want to voluntarily deregister or appoint a special administrator.


Where a corporation is experiencing difficulties, the Registrar may intervene to support and restore it to operational order, or restructure it to enable it to better meet its aims, objectives and obligations to its members see Special Administration below.

Corporation size and reporting Published: The rule book has three parts:.

The CATSI Act and the Corporations Act : some difference. – Version details – Trove

For more information about any editorial changes made in this compilation, see the endnotes. This is called amalgamating.

For more information on any uncommenced amendments, see the series page on the Legislation Register for the compiled law. What this Chapter is about Registrar may seek further information The Registrar may refuse to register rule books that are not fit for purpose. The aim of special administration is to return a corporation to operational stability and compliance with the CATSI Act and its own rule book. Start a corporation Find out about registration options and what to do to register a corporation.

Any uncommenced amendments affecting the law are accessible on the Legislation Register www.

Legislation update

Duties of directors and other officers The Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act sets cxtsi the duties required of directors and other officers. This is a compilation of the Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act that shows the text of the law as amended and in force on 1 March the compilation date.

For example section 1 of the Act states that a corporation must keep an up-to-date register of members. Meetings for members Published: The emergence of land rights emphasised the need for an acf to complex and onerous laws and processes for incorporating, which were unsuited to many Indigenous people, particularly those living ac remote areas.


The rule book has three parts: Skip to main content Skip to section navigation.

Geographical application of Act In the s and s, various reviews advised the Australian Government of the need for legislation to make it easier for Indigenous communities and organisations to form corporations. If you know what they are, it puts you in a better position to play an active part in your corporation.

Matters to accompany application Members’ rights As a member of a corporation catwi have certain rights. Corporate governance Who does what Meetings Resolutions and voting Changing rules Financial records Lodging reports Making a complaint Resolving disputes Closing a corporation Regulatory activities Resources Charity registration.

Fact sheets A corporation’s rule book: It is ctsi that the changes will take effect from 1 July More information is needed about what these proposed changes will look like. Corporations will also be allowed to make some low-value transactions to related third parties.


Uncommenced amendments The effect of uncommenced amendments is not shown in the text of the compiled law. ORIC is currently preparing a consultation paper on these reforms. It is proposed to make it easier for corporations to create subsidiaries and set up business structures.

CC Table of contents. If a corporation is open to membership this rule must be included in its rule book. Meeting for members A4 single page [ pdfkB].

Corporations Amendment Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations Act —amends the Corporations Act, removing any contradictions or gaps between the two pieces of legislation Explanatory memorandum: Minutes of meetings Published: Call ORIC on Contact persons and secretaries Published: