It’s a nice book written by a former bureaucrat. It provides a window to the world of bureaucrats which is usually kept hidden beneath the layers of secrecy. Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier: IAS Unmasked by M. K. Kaw from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On. Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier by M. K. Kaw, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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IAS Unmasked offers an insiders view of how the civil service works. It is a witty and scathing account of a service that is supposed to serve the public. The Indian Civil Service started out as powerful administrative postings by the British government to implement its policies in its Indian Dominions. These British civil servants had the might of the empire behind them to enforce their rules. They were a privileged community, the ruling community of Colonial India. They did not have to justify their actions to ministers or other authorities.

When Indians started entering the ICS, the author says they began behaving like caricatures of the British administrative officers. When the ICS became the IAS, the author says that the situation became worse, the civil servants became copy of a copy. When India became independent, there was an intricate political and administrative structure. The elected ministers devised the policies and rules, and the IAS officers were vested with the responsibility of implementing those policies.

IAS Unmasked says that with lessened responsibilities came reduced accountability. As any decision had the potential to cause trouble at a future date, responsibility avoidance became the prime motivator in the functioning of the administrative officers.


To avoid being held responsible, it was a practice to take decisions by committee says the author. Passing the buck became the main game, as the administrative officers viewed any decision taken as a risk incurred, a potential threat to their power and position.

The officers also discovered that it is best to choose a godfather among the political bosses and stick to them like leeches. The book even says that a complex system of multiple godfathers serves best, some in politics, some in the administrative service and a few in the business world. The book was originally published in This is an updated version, taking into account recent developments. He is also the author of An Outsider Everywhere: Looking to the Future.

Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier- IAS Unmasked

Maharaj Krishen Kaw was born in Kashmir in Buraeucrazy passing his civil services exams, he was inducted into the Himachal Pradesh cadre. He has served in several high positions in the state including Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister and Education Secretary.

He has also held positions in the Central Government administrative service.

Certified BuyerHyderabad. Certified BuyerUlhasnagar. Certified BuyerSecunderabad. Certified BuyerJaipur.

Certified BuyerRoorkee. Certified BuyerPatna. Certified BuyerMysore. Educational and Professional Books. Usually delivered in days? Imprint Konark Publishers Pvt. Add 3 Items to Cart. Kaw sir is sharp, witty, sagacious and writes his experience out.

Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier (IAS Unmasked)

Must read for all the IAS aspirants as they should know the challenge ahead. Sunny Luthra Certified Buyer 13 Mar, I didn’t know how I could have missed this, but then again the column in the newspaper was published way before I was born!


Kaw has a scathing hand when it comes to wit and it works well in the second part too! A must have for Civil Service aspirants, for this book helps you to break the enigma surrounding the lives and work of senior bureaucrats. On many-a-occasion I found myself chukling loudly, that is my best assurance that this book is worth the read.

Blatantly uncensored and revealing.

Pulls the curtain on how the senior civil servants behave. Sachin M Certified Buyer 26 Jul, Impeccable English, hard core myth busters and above all gives you an insight about the bureaucrrazy prestigious service Hats Off to M. I bought this book from Flipkart with not much expectations. Thought the author might have written about the way IAS works in a normal prose. But i am pleasantly surprised to find that this is actually a great book.

It brought smile on my face from the page 1.

Now i have become a fan of M. Everyone should read this book, not just IAS aspirants. This book is hilarious. I have completed reading it in a single sitting on a weekend by canceling other commitments.

Nice chapter-wise incidences to read. Its good that author has shared the experience of bureaucracy. The book title suits to the book. Nothing much to say.

Simply buy it to read it. Have doubts regarding this product? Safe and Secure Payments.