Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey – “ONCE UPON A TIME” IS TIMELESS The Princess Aurore has had an unusual childhood. Cursed at birth, Aurore is fated to . Oct 24, The Paperback of the Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of. by Cameron Dokey . Gr 6- Dokey has taken the familiar “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale. May 20, In this variation on the Sleeping Beauty story, the characters prove sympathetic and the setting romantic, but the lack of tension makes for a.

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Aurora isn’t a spoiled brat of a princess. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. You know most of these books are fairly predictable, which I don’t mind, but this one wasn’t.

You read that right. Nobody was just single sided. Just the lingering curse, and Aurore herself.

Beauty Sleep – Cameron Dokey – Google Books

On her sixteenth birthday, Aurore learns that the impending curse will harm not only her, but the entire kingdom as well. When I read a retellingI want it to be retold without the skeevy bits. There were no fairies, witches, flying broomsticks. As in our main character is not an airhead who sings and has animal buddies and makes the perfect guy out of clothing actually someone with personality!

Published October 24th by Simon Pulse first published December 1st So, to protect her, Aurore’s loving parents forbid any task requiring a needle. I’d give this book 2 and a half stars if I could,it was little more than OK but I can’t say I liked it a lot.

The princess’s bravery will be rewarded as she finds adventure, enchantment, a handsome prince, and ultimately her destiny. Well, they’re still technically related, but at least their kids won’t have one eye and four teeth to share between them, right? They decide to inject creepy shit that used to happen regularly back in the day into their new version of the tale. The magic out of nowhere, the wonder of it all, the fact that literally anything can happen at any time.


Jun 14, Malea rated it did not like it. Now, there’s this thing authors sometimes do when retelling fairytales that I kind of despise.

Mar 06, Anastasia Garcia rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Otherwise, this book is incredibly well done and the author has done a wonderful job of flushing out this beautiful story.

Please provide an email address. The gender roles and intricacies of court matters highly fascinated me as well. Some good points to the story is the fact the she already assumes at least beauty does when she is telling the story that you already know that it will start out with once upon a time and ending with happily ever after.

But I thought surely Dokey won’t go there I can’t believe there are such high ratings, when upon finishing the story I didn’t know what had occured.

This story quickly dismisses any notion that this will be anything similar to the Disney version; or the Grimm brothers’s version for that matter. View all 4 comments. Reading them now as an adult in my early 20s, my perspective has completely changed.

Overall, I highly enjoyed the message and theme of discovering yourself, of no longer remaining invisible to those around you, of being aware of your own inner nature and of finally finding who you are. However, there are a few brief moments of violence, but nothing graphic. It’s been a few years since I’ve read it but from I can remember: It went from being mildly enjoyable to me needing to bleach my brains out dokeg forget what I just read.

There is nothing I super hated. It was unexpectedly interesting and surprising. I look forward to reading more of these books! I enjoyed this one so much that I realized I hadn’t liked Snow as much as I originally thought and have changed my rating on that one!


Jun 18, Daniel Beautt rated it really liked it. I’m not even sure where Sleeping Beauty and Oswald ever really fell in love. Simon Pulse October Length: To ask other readers questions about Beauty Sleepplease sign up.

To view it, click here. She however only spent a few pages on the actual sleep describing the fact of her in a dreamlike state dreaming camdron another nightmare. I look forward to reading more of this series. It was a good retelling of the Sleeping Beauty, and I liked Aurore, Ironheart, Oswald, and Aurore’s father probably the best king ever, he almost brought tears to my eyes.

Her favorite read is J. I will still use the view spoiler [ spoiler hide spoiler ] thing though.


I liked how the ‘evil fairy’ was described, cakeron entirely evil. One of them hits her on the head, and she’s fine. Oct 21, Cara rated it really liked it Recommended to Cara by: Dec 28, Marianne Boricuan Bookworms rated it it was ok. This review is also posted on my blog. What I like so much about this series that they are light reads, and you know they’ll make you smile.

Jul 16, Bethany rated it really liked it Shelves: I think that Dokey was trying to put the rescue in the hands of Beauty herself, rather than a knight in shining armor, but this story could have been better.

And Dokey absolutely did it.