Allgon dualband antenna specification. 1. AllgonAntenna SystemsNMT , ETACS , GSM , DCS , UMTS ; 2. Antennas. A Tradition of Quality Since Powerwave delivers antennas to cus- . Gain. Electrical. HBW. Number. Family. MHz. Number. dBi (dBd). Downtilt. Model. Type. Length. Width. Depth. Weight. , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , ,

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Simplify your warehouse by stocking just one antenna for most applications. Smarteq nomiated Smarteq receives nomination from a leading forest machine manufacturer A large global forest machine manufacturer… Read more. We supply some of them and are happy to answer your questions regarding the right cable. Very small and weatherproof.

Diameter of base 48mm, total height 45cm. The radiating patches 5 b6 b can be replaced by other kinds of dual or combined antenna elements, such as dipole structures. The large frequency range is – MHz and to MHz. Accordingly, a main object of the present invention is to provide a dual band antenna structure which enables a modification of the beam width in the higher frequency band, in particular so as to become close to the beam width in the lower frequency band.

Omni directional antenna with cable. The beam width of the lower band is not very much affected by the relatively small irregularities of the grooves 1112 but is rather determined by the total width of the reflector device, this total width being mm in the illustrated example. Not in stockordered only on customer request, down payment required, delay at c.


Integrated stacked patch antenna polarizer circularly polarized integrated stacked dual-band patch antenna.

Flat antennas for unobtrusive installation on even surfaces. The antennas can be installed with vertical or horizontal polarisation and come complete with mast clamp. Compact and wideband universal antenna for many applications.

Antenna Databases – Allgon

In a particular embodiment, which has been tested and proven to give excellent performance, the central portion of the reflector device, between the edge portions being formed as grooves, is limited laterally or sideways by lateral, up-standing wall portions and longitudinally along a linear array of seven dual antenna elements stacked patches by metallic aluminium shield wall elements extending transversely allogn the region between each pair of adjacent dual elements in the linear array.

Omni-directional radiator for stationary use. Suitable for a very wide range of frequencies: Outdoor antenna for UMTS.

Height mm, diameter 50mm. This antenna has a protection clas of IP44 when installed.

Antennas for car telephone (GSM), DECT, ISM, data and public mobile radio

Gain 1 to 4 dBi, depending on frequency. Unfortunately this product is not available anymore.

The grooves may alternatively be designed as separate metal elements mounted on each lateral side of the reflector device. The antenna as defined in claim 4wherein metallic shield wall elements extend transversely in a region between adjacent combined antenna elements in said linear array. The gain is max.


USB1 – Dual band antenna – Google Patents

Following specific design criteria and practices allows for construction techniques that can result in superior base station antennas. For LTE routers with two antenna connections two such antennas are required.

Richard has over 20 years experience in antenna design, manufacturing and deployment as well as strong numerical modeling and laboratory validation techniques.

The antenna as defined in claim 6wherein said wall portions comprise two side wall portions and a bottom wall portion. Window clamp BNC. No protruding parts, very robust construction. Conceived and delivered technical presentations on antenna performance, design, and theory. Due to the precise alignment to the operating frequency the performance is maximised, no compromise for unecessary wide bandwidths.

However, a practical problem has arisen with regard to the width of the radiating beams on the front side of the antenna. Finally, circular polarization may be used instead of cross polarization provided that the two feed channels are combined by a quadrature hybrid wide band branch-line allhon. The antenna is weatherproof and can be used outdoors. Further the antenna is coated against saltwater spray and UV radiation.