14mz, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 14MZ User Manual. Get Futaba 14MZ Manual. Get all Futaba manuals! 14MZ. 14 CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. PCMG3/PCM/FM selectable. INSTRUCTION. Compact Flash (CF) Card Handling Instructions Follow these precautions when handling the CF card included in your 14MZ transmitter. DO NOT allow the.

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And do the procedure 6 and 7.

FUTABA 14MZ Instruction Manual

You will do this five times. You may use this tool as a stylus pen for 1mz touch panel. Set throttle cut with the Throttle Cut function of the Linkage Menu. Fully extend the transmitter antenna. Just select the set-up you need! Sounds recorded with the microphone built into the transmitter and audio files. Do not discharge Li-Ion batteries at currents which exceed the discharge current rating of the battery. Make sure that the security mode is “User’s name”, and then push the User ID button.

Operating instructions FUTABA 14MZ

Upload digital images of your aircraft for use as model names on the graphic display menu. In the teacher mode, the trainer function display does not come on as long as the student’s transmitter is not receiving signals from the teacher’s transmitter when the student’s transmitter is not connected.

Page 71 Data Reset Model memory setting data reset. LED Monitor This monitor is mznual to check the frequency of the receiver.


Then the keyboard will pop up. For safety reasons, the radio will be emmiting only after you push the confirmation button when turning on the power. Push the eject button and then take out the CF card.

Idle down | Futaba 14MZ User Manual | Page 66 /

Motor [Corresponding model type]: When setting a switch. Safety precautions when you install msnual and servos Warning Connecting connectors Be sure to insert the connector until it stops at the deepest point. Adjust the LCD contrast with the left and right side buttons. If you modify the location of the switches on the right and left top of the transmitter, you should be sure to re-assign functions to the mabual for proper operation.

Hold the lever head “B” and turn the lever head “A” counter-clockwise, the lock will be released. Start-up time; The time required for initializing the internal circuit of the transmitter varies between the previous time you turned off the transmitter and the time you will turned on the power. The rise characteristic of the needle servo at acceleration and deceleration operation can be adjusted.

Line and spline curve adjustment Line curve Line curves or spline curves of up to 17 14ma can be used. Upgrade your Futaba to latest version.

It has a backlight and the screen is manufactured of a transflective construction which enables both indoor and outdoor visibility. In addition, when the trim position returns to the center, the tone will change.


Full color, touch screen display with Dial-N-Key button. Page Operations related to servo speed Servo speed setting 1 The speed at each operation including flight condition switching can be adjusted. Throttle Hold Throttle Hold Example of use This function sets the throttle cut position 14zm auto rotation dive. Touch the button of the rate or EXP curve rate your want to set.

Page 17 Adjustment of Stick Lever Tension Stick Adjustment Adjustment of the stick lever angle You can make fine adjustments to the angle of a stick lever either inwards or outwards from the center stick position. The action is not functional at high throttle to avoid accidental dead sticks. Adjust the LCD contrast with the left and right 14,z buttons. Mixing Rate Linkage Compensation This compensation mixing is used to correct the tendency manula the swash-plate for each control near the hovering point.

It can be used to bank scale models, large models, etc. Page Curve setting examples actually creating a curve, enter the data specified The curves shown below were created by using per the fuselage or the 14m value. Push the “Receiver ID” button.

Never remove the CF card or turn off power while 14ma data. The indicators on the screen display actual servo throw of the each channel.